Your Guide To Everything About 4×4 Tyres

Tyres have been developed in such a way that they provide you with the best car performance on the road. Different types of tyres are best suited for different purposes. Just as your standard car tyres are suited for a smooth ride on plain tarmac roads, 4×4 tyres have been developed for off-road driving. The most basic difference between 4×4 tyres and regular tyres is perhaps their function and adaptability.

Say the road trip you’ve been planning for a long time is finally near. You’ve cross-checked everything on your list but did the road come to your mind even once? Yes, the road. Just as different places have different types of weather conditions, food, and locality; they may also have different types of roads. Some roads may be plain and smooth; a joy to drive on while others may be rough and rugged full of rocks, grass, or mud. These roads can exert a great amount of pressure on your car tyres. But don’t you worry because 4×4 Tyres Fareham was designed for this purpose only.

If you don’t want to face any unwanted surprises while on the road, you can keep on reading and learn everything about what 4×4 tyres.

What are 4×4 tyres?

4×4 tyres are generally developed for SUVs and sports utility vehicles and are made for off-road driving. 4×4 tyres have a widely spread tread pattern, as well as a bigger tread block and deeper tyre grooves. They perform very well on rough road surfaces or surfaces which are muddy or wet.

Difference between 4×4 tyres and standard tyres

Some of the differences between 4×4 tyres and your standard car tyres can be spotted visually as well. With a 4×4 tyre, you will notice that the tread is deeper and has bigger gaps between the tread than a regular tyre. This is vital for maintaining traction on rough and rugged roads as it ensures that sufficient rubber remains in contact with the ground. Your standard car tyres perform badly on wet or muddy roads as its tread fills with mud and the wheel begins to spin uselessly, sinking the tyre further into a hole. 

This also results in a loss of friction on the road. Even when 4×4 tyres have their treads filled with dirt and mud, there is more than enough rubber in contact with the ground to keep the car moving, thus preventing loss of said friction on the road. In general 4×4 tyres have much more constant rubber contact with the road as compared to your standard tyres. They are called off-road tyres for a reason and should not be used on normal roads for too long as with that much constant rubber contact, these tyres tend to wear out rather quickly on such roads and hence should be used for off-road driving only.

Types of 4×4 tyres

Based on the road they are meant to be driven on, 4×4 tyres can be further divided up into 3 types-

  • Motorway/Highway terrain tyres– these tyres feature tread patterns similar to those used on passenger vehicles, prefer asphalt over mud, and are designed with an emphasis on on-road comfort and ride quality in mind. Highway or motorway terrain tyres feature less gap between the tread blocks, have greater on-road grip, and a strengthening overlay between the steel belts for better ride comfort. It’s all about reduced noise, longer wear life, and enhanced riding comfort with these tyres.
  • Mud terrain tyres– these tyres are made for rough and muddy terrain. They are built with a tough tread composition that can endure harsh road conditions. They are distinguished by a broad chunky tread pattern designed to excel on muddy areas and offer the necessary traction. The big tread blocks, which are split by broad and deep grooves, really prevent mud from entering and clinging to the tread. It is not recommended to use these tyres for on-road driving as they generate a lot of noise and tremors.
  • All-terrain tyres– these tyres are intended to satisfy your on-road and off-road needs. While it does not excel at either one, it embraces the characteristics of both mud and motorway terrain tyres. They can be driven off-road relatively well and without the severe wear and fuel consumption associated with off-road tyres. These Car Tyres Fareham have a bigger block design to give a more comfortable ride on loose gravel and also feature increased voids to guarantee a solid grip on a variety of road surfaces. However, they do tend to wear out faster than on-road tyres.