Why You Should Choose To Light Your Cigar With A Triple Refined Butane Fuel

Don’t you just love the satisfaction of a well-lit cigar after a good game? Or a grand celebration of life maybe? You take your finest cigar out of the box and light it with the proper instrument with a robust flame that can withstand even the gust of wind outdoors.

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For most cigar aficionados, matches or cedar spills are a bane when lighting a fine cigar. The earlier you invest in quality lighters, the higher the chance of getting the complete ambrosial cigar smoking experience.

Many true blue cigar aficionados take the superior quality of cigar lighters and choose to light their cigars with butane fuel. Most cigar smokers might often overlook one fact when it comes to choosing to light their cigars with a quality lighter, and that is, lighters fueled by butane fuel are not exactly inexpensive. Therefore, to ensure the longevity of the lighter and to properly smoke a cigar is to use the right butane fuel. If your lighter is fueled with a mediocre butane fuel quality, chances are piezo igniters will fail and if the fuel has even the slightest contaminants, they will clog the lighter’s burner valves and cause misfiring and other malfunctions. If this happens, you better save up for a new one because your lighter is good as gone.

You might have heard of soft flame butane lighter. They produce a good quality yellow flame for a fine cigar but they are unfortunately windproof. There are also what other cigar smokers call, torch lighters. They are incredibly efficient at evenly lighting a good cigar but can burn through a great deal of fuel really fast. And if you’re not careful, you might burn the wrapper as well, which, unequivocally ruins the flavor of the smoke.

By this time you probably are wondering what’s the best butane are you going to use for your cigar lighter. Quite frankly, the best butane is the one that has undergone several refinement processes. Since butane is a natural gas extracted from fossil fuels, it means they are unrefined and absolutely impure. To put them to good use, they have to undergo several stages of refinement for them to become 99.5% pure. Even still, a “pure butane” will have to need an additional filtration process to keep the life of your precious cigar lighter a lot longer.

This is why a triple refined butane fuel is the ideal choice for your lighters. A butane fuel such as this does not only have a clean burn and a purer light for your fine cigar, but they also are better for the sake of your lighter. They are required especially for high-value and sensitive lighters that are precisely tuned to release a steady flame. You don’t want your lighter to get clogged up by these poorer grade butane fuel. Prevention is better than cure—if only broken lighters can be fixed—which unfortunately is not a thing.

In the fewest possible words, a triple refined butane fuel is specially engineered for the satisfaction of all cigar connoisseurs with premium lighters to light their celebratory cigars. A premium grade butane fuel like this won’t clog the lighter’s orifices with dirt and grime like other poorer grade butane fuels.

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