Why Women Love White Fur Jackets

Luxury. Elegance. Haute Coutour.
These words are often used to describe fur coats and jackets. It’s the one true item most elegant and classic women want to have in their wardrobe and feel in their body. And while most if not all women envy Carrie Bradshaw wearing the iconic white fur jacket hugging her good in the streets of Manhattan—we often wonder, what else is there about fur coats and jackets that make them so alluring to women?

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We often see women in very cold and windy arctic climates, walking around wearing fur coats and jackets. They not only look gorgeous on them, but they also look fun with how they style a classic piece in a way that feels charming and fresh. And like Anna Wintour said: “There is always a way to wear fur”, so there’s really no stopping these women from wearing such a classic and sustainable piece of garment which is highly refreshing. But why do women feel bewitched at the sight of a fur coat? Or melt when brushing a fur jacket against their skin? Here are a few reasons why.

Status Symbol
One can go about her cold day without jewelry or even cash handy but should never cut back on fur. For they are like shoes, a woman wearing a good pair is never ugly but if you wear a good piece of women’s white fur jacket, everyone will know the kind of woman you are and the life you must lead. If in the old days, we utilize fur mainly on staying warm, but when haute couture was conceived and delivered, everything fur is a symbol of status and beauty all at the same time. Being hugged by a women’s white fur jacket, for example, is a great way to draw attention to anyone who wants to be in the foreground.

Contrary to some animal rights advocates, who don’t really go after those who love their veal chop cooked medium rare—spend most of their time saying fur coats and jackets are not sustainable. Fact is, one fur coat can be worn for generations and are practically a great family heirloom to be passed down. It’s not something you will have to replace every few years like the faux ones they have always tried to promote. Genuine women’s white fur jackets are typically really expensive and so, the owner must take all the necessary steps to care for it and store it properly to retain its quality for many years to come.

Ever since time immemorial out of the African cradle, mankind has worn and utilized fur in any way possible to protect them from the colder weather conditions as well as from potential harm. And even to this day, when you take a look at some documentary videos of the Inuit tribe living in the harshest weather conditions on the planet, they are still wearing fur garments and wouldn’t possibly be able to survive without them.

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