Why Used i-CAT Dental CBCT Is a Great Choice for Dental Practices

i-CAT, now part of the KavoKerr Group family of dental imaging products, is one of the most respected names in the dental industry. This award-winning brand is a recognized leader and has set the standard for CBCT technology in the dental market for the past two decades. Their equipment is dependable, reliable, easy to use, and includes a compact footprint that’s ideal for smaller practice settings.

i-CAT CBCT systems feature a unique seated configuration that provides face-to-face interactions between the patient and operator, facilitating patient positioning, increasing patient comfort and often eliminating the need for image retakes. They’re also renowned for delivering high-quality dental cone beam and standard panoramic images to support a wide range of dental diagnosis and treatment. Images can be captured quickly (in less than 10 seconds) using an adjustable radiation dose for enhanced efficiency and patient safety. A used i-CAT dental imaging system is a great choice to provide dental practices with state-of-the-art technology at the lowest possible prices.

Quality and Reliability

High-quality panoramic X-rays and CBCT images provide the first critical steps for successful diagnosis and treatment planning. Therefore, investing in a reliable dental cone beam machine is important for delivering exceptional patient care and effective treatment options.

Nothing is worse than when your dental imaging equipment goes down when you’re faced with a full patient schedule. Both production time and patient time are valuable, and your patients may not be tolerant of last-minute rescheduling. Like you, they have busy schedules too.

Not only are i-CAT systems made for reliability and dependability, but they also feature quality workmanship and are proudly made right here in the United States. Their robust construction can mean less costly downtime for a busy dental or dental specialty practice.

Even if an i-CAT cone beam system requires the occasional repair or maintenance, their popularity, prevalence in the market, and reputation for quality means that most certified dealers and service teams are well-equipped to provide speedy onsite service. Moreover, i-CAT parts can be ordered directly from the US manufacturing facility, eliminating lead time concerns often associated with importing parts from overseas, as sometimes is required for foreign manufactured brands.

Because i-CAT CBCT systems are so well made, dependable, and often have a longer than average technology “life,” preowned i-CAT units are readily available in the market. However, be sure to only consider purchasing used i-CAT systems from reputable used dental equipment dealers such as Renew Digital to ensure the highest quality product, installation, and ongoing service and support.

Featuring the Latest Tx Studio Software

Certified pre-owned i-CAT dental imaging systems from Renew Digital feature the latest Tx Studio software. Tx Studio software, which drives the i-CAT CBCT workflow, features a wide variety of discipline-specific features and tools to support endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, airway studies and much more. Tx Studio helps dental professionals from just about any specialty more effectively diagnose and treat their patients, while more efficiently managing, storing, and sharing their patient images.

i-CAT Dental: Cost Effective Solutions

A used i-CAT dental system is a cost-effective alternative for many dental practices, especially since a certified pre-owned system can deliver the features, functionality, and software of a like-new system at a significantly reduced price. The availability of used i-CATs help put these systems within the reach of more dental practitioners.

For example, dentists can invest in an ultra-affordable i-CAT system such as a pre-owned i-CAT Precise, which will deliver both standard 2D panoramic and medium field of view (FOV) cone beam 3D imaging functionality. Then, they can upgrade later to a newer or larger FOV cone beam system to scale with the needs of their practice. With these budget-friendly options, there is no need to put off investing in cone beam 3D imaging technology. Starting out with a used i-CAT CBCT can enable your practice to begin expanding its list of services without delay.

Where Do Used i-CAT Dental Systems Come From?

Most used dental equipment buyers ask the same question, “Where do the used pre-owned i-CAT dental cone beam units come from?” There are a few key sources for used i-CAT systems, including the following.

–       Dental practices upgrading to systems that provide larger fields of view: The main source of used i-CAT equipment comes from practices that are upgrading to models that offer larger field of view cone beam scans. For example, a practice that owned a medium FOV i-CAT Precise or i-CAT FLX MV might upgrade to a larger FOV i-CAT Next Generation or an i-CAT FLX V17, using the credit from trading in the previous model to help fund the purchase of the new one.

–       Dental professionals that are retiring or closing locations: As practices close or eliminate satellite locations, they often liquidate large capital assets to used dental equipment vendors and other distributors. Retiring dentists are another source for used i-CAT cone beam systems.

Regardless of the source, reputable used equipment dealers, such as Renew Digital, will only purchase pre-owned devices that are in perfect working order at the time of pickup. Be wary of any used dental X-ray equipment that was significantly repaired or refurbished prior to resale.

Save up to 50% With Used i-CAT Dental Systems

If you’re interested in adding the industry-leading functionality of an i-CAT dental imaging system to your practice and saving up to 50% off the price of a new i-CAT system, visit RenewDigital.com today. Renew Digital is the proven industry leader in providing certified pre-owned panoramic, cephalometric and cone beam systems to dental professionals, all backed by expert service and support.

With more than a decade of experience, Renew Digital offers a wide range of i-CAT Dental Systems, with a variety of models available at many different price points. Their certified technicians have extensive experience installing and servicing i-CAT systems, with hundreds of successful installations across the United States. They’re also experienced in service and maintenance, and provide ongoing support of their used i-CAT CBCT systems and Tx Studio software.

The purchase of a certified pre-owned i-CAT system from Renew Digital includes installation, training and comprehensive onsite parts and labor warranty coverage. Extended warranties are also available after the initial warranty term for additional peace of mind. Want to know more? Consult their collection of 5-star reviews or contact Renew Digital for referrals from buyers of used i-CAT systems in your area.

The sales team at Renew Digital will help you identify the best i-CAT system to meet the needs of your dental practice as well as your budget. Be sure to check out their special equipment deals and financing options to help make used i-CAT 3D imaging technology even more affordable.

Contact Renew Digital online or call 888-246-5611 to get started today. We look forward to working with you!

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