Why Should I Use A Butane Fuel For My Cigar Lighter

Lighting is a sine qua non for an ultimate cigar smoking experience. And everything you need to feel in cigar smoking starts with the type of lighter you use. If you could care less about the proper cigar lighting etiquette, then, it’s highly doubtful you’re going to feel the same as the ones who have been in this breathtaking milieu.

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As every cigar connoisseur knows, a cigar can be many things. Two of which is a symbol of status and the other one is just for the sake of it. Be that as it may, improper lighting can risk not just the enjoyment but its overall taste. Most of the time we think the taste only has something to do with the cigar but what we never knew is even the best cigar can be spoiled if you are inadequately equipped and aware of the correct lighting technique.

A cheap cigar tastes cheap, and an expensive cigar tastes, well, expensive and good. And you won’t be able to taste how a cigar is supposed to taste like if you won’t light it. Agree? Yes. Now, if you’re not really aware of the effects a certain lighting tool has on the taste of your cigar, you’ll end up disliking both cheap and expensive cigars even before you get accustomed to them.

What Should I Use To Light A Cigar?

Basically, you wouldn’t dare to ruin your first cigar experience with whatever avoidable potential factors that could do it, especially if you are starting out with one of the best Maduro cigars in the market. We say, what a bold way to kickstart your cigar smoking experience but why not? The only thing you should know is what to use to properly light it so you’ll get the best experience out of the hefty price you paid.

It is essential that you are reminded of how the combustion of any type is a chemical reaction. And that whatever sort of chemical used to burn your cigar is going to end up in the taste. If you are lighting your expensive cigar with a match then the tip will eventually taste like sulfur or if you’re lighting it from your kitchen stoves, then you’ll surely taste or smell a hint of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans.

A bona fide cigar aficionado knows that the way to light a cigar is by lighting it up with butane or wooden matches. But we want convenience and panache, right? So, butane it is. Butane is a clean-burning gas that doesn’t affect the cigar’s flavor. If you’re one with the aficionados who don’t want any chemicals affecting their overall smoking experience, then use only the best butane fuel for cigar lighter.

Where Can I Find The Best Butane Fuel For Cigar Lighter

Butane is a more refined fuel with less to no impurities in the gas that affects one smoker’s smoking experience. It is not only relatively inexpensive, but it is also available in many particular stores selling lighters, cigars, and humidor accessories at very nice prices.

For the genuine cigar connoisseur or at least the person who wants to make a good impression among his novice smoking buddies, Rocky’s Cigars is where you can find high-quality cigars and the best butane fuel for your cigar lighter.

Their shelves have a variety of options for lighting your cigar and one of them is the Lotus Butane Lighter Fluid which provides colorless and odorless fluid that allows a smooth, even burn on your cigar. You can order it online among other accessories you can find and you will get them free of the shipping cost for total orders of over $140.

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