Why Online Store can beat Peanut Butter on Pancakes in 2021?


There has been no pancake more delicious than the one with peanut butter spread on it. Some recipes are the all-time favorite of every man, peanut butter with pancakes is one of them. Imagine you return home from a long tiring day of work, and the aroma of freshly baked pancakes emanate from the kitchen’s oven, what would be your first reaction? Obviously to relish the taste of yummy pancake with peanut butter topping. Although in 2021 your love for pancakes may fade away as you get to know eCommerce Store is much better than a freshly baked pancake.

How Online Store is better?

The awesome benefits of running an Online Store include the following:

  • Cost savings
  • Faster payment
  • Faster delivery of products
  • Good quality of your branded products
  • Less paper waste
  • The global accessibility of your business
  • Business is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Improved business profitability
  • Increased professionalism
  • Better customer services to delight your customers
  • The diverse range of customers from different ethnic backgrounds

The Practical Comparison:

On the one hand, you can use pancakes to satisfy your hunger and on the other hand, you can use the eCommerce store to satisfy your business requirements thus turning you rich over time. So, Create an Online Store rather than spending money on eating pancakes topped with peanut butter.

8 Benefits of Owning an Online Store:

Possessing your online storefront has eight vital benefits:

  1. Direct and personalized communication with your customers straightforwardly.
  2. Better customer loyalty and retention.
  3. Full access to customer information (Name, phone number, email address, and purchase history)
  4. Quicker dispute resolution
  5. Optimization of business decisions, operations, and products/services.
  6. You can earn and keep 100% of your sales revenue and there is no need to share it with anybody else.
  7. Resilience against low-level companies and products.
  8. Comprehensive business autonomy.

The Post Pandemic World and its Effects:

Recently, the major occurrence of the pandemic and its invasion throughout the world has left everyone spellbound. Social distancing is implemented and as a result, there is an exponential rise in the trend of online shopping.

Since all the customers are now mostly online searching for some good quality products, it is much easier to aim your target audience and sell your branded items online through the best possible platform of 3S Cart.

Great News for Existing SMACC Customers:

3S Cart is a great platform for creating an online storefront for all the existing SMACC Customers. All those customers who are already getting the services and software of SMACC can avail themselves of this awesome platform of 3S Cart. All the data in the 3S Cart platform is synced with the inventory management module of the SMACC software. Any updates in the base unit quantity of products are also updated on inventory levels.

Say Goodbye to your Worries:

It is the perfect time to say goodbye to your worries and concerns that how would an Online Store function/works? Leave all of your worries in the hands of 3S Cart as it takes care of every admin setting and helps in successful online business worldwide.

Shipping is No Stress Anymore:

Shipping of your branded products is now fast and easy with location-based shipping like Aramex and other companies. Also, there is the option of self-pickup from store or store owner delivery to the destination address.

Innovative Marketing Strategy:

Email newsletters functionality is enabled on the 3S Cart platform to keep your customers excited about your brand and its upcoming products. Any discounts or promotions apply to the new upcoming stock of products. Thus customers can subscribe to the email newsletters by providing their email addresses and thus they can stay informed and updated about your business ventures.

Complaint Resolution:

Also, the customers can file their complaints against any issues they are facing while using the 3S Cart. Tickets are generated against each complaint and thus escalation takes place to the technical team of 3S Cart. Email and SMS notifications are sent to the customers to keep them informed about their complaint status. The technical support team of 3S Cart is vigilantly proactive and striving hard day by day to resolve all the customers’ complaints. So that the best possible online business service can be provided to the end-users.

The Final Analysis of this Content:

Although delicious food is one of the best pleasures of human life, earning a significant amount of money is on top of that. Hence if you are making good money you can have all the pleasures of life simply much more than a peanut butter pancake. Thinking out of the box is the sign of a successful person and hence creating an eCommerce store with the best possible B2C business model is amazing innovation of 2021.