Which Tractor Tyre To Pick? A Thorough Understanding From Three Case Studies

When replacing the tyres of your tractor, you probably might think about which tyre will be the best fit for your work and day-to-day application? There are multiple jobs performed by the tractor. Having a variety in the farm pattern, crops they grow, farm size and location, distance travelled and the climate, everyone prefers to use the same tractor to deal with the work-based variations.

Choosing The Right Tractor Tyre

This blog brings you some tips on how to choose the best tyre solution that is most durable and cost-effective in the long run. We all know that the work and application of tractor tyres change from farm to farm. Some of us have plots located at a far distance from each other and thus requires the tyres a lot of road travelling. The other tractor tyres stay very active in the farmyard while the rest spend all the time in fields. To pick the best tyre for your agriculture applications, you may order Vredestein Tractor Tyres Online at affordable prices. 

Tractor having their characteristics makes it easy to pick the right tyre as per your vehicle and the work it does. Further, let us discuss the three basic cases to improve your tyre choice and hence increase work productivity.

1. Using Tractor Tyres in the Fields

If your tractor is spending most of the time in the field, then the tyre should be flexible enough to maintain the soil levels and maximise the traction. As per the studies, VF tyres are a perfect fit for these requirements. VF tyres are designed to bear 40% heavy loads in comparison to standard tyres with equal speeds and distances covered. They come with pressure adjustments that allow you to change the tyre pressure based on the farm or the terrain. This property of VF tyres is useful for farmers who are not much aware of the right tyre pressure to drive on roads, terrain, and soil. In context to soil preservation, the VF tyre is unbeatable as it offers an evenly distributed footprint and lesser slip. In a few words, VF agricultural tyres yield better productivity and test results for the farmers. 

2. Using Tractor Tyres Half In The Field, Half On The Farm, Rest On The Roads

Generally, Tractor tyres are used in the farmyard to work inside and outside around buildings. Additionally, these tyres are used in putting work to the fields. As a whole, tyres form the central job pillars and have your vehicle perform a versatile role. Therefore, the tyres should be the best fit for your farmyard and the fields too. Launched in October 2018, Bridgestone came up with a new tyre range named as VX-Tractor. This high-end and most affordable range of tyres is made for farmers who use their tractors for a variety of work. Being the most versatile tractor type in the market, the VX tyre range is built using a wear-resistant rubber compound. Moreover, the manufacturing process involves the use of mineral oil along with some vegetable oil as an environmentally friendly practice. The tyres have a long service life apart from the capability to bear high loads. Talking about the performance, these advanced tyres are designed to work with high pressure and over slippery surfaces.

3. Using Tractor Tyres On Hard Surfaces Like Farmyards, Roads, Etc.

In some cases, you may not use the tractor for the fieldwork but the rest of the multitasking. Here, one must consider the tyre strength to work on the terrain surfaces and so you should opt for forestry tyres. Forest soil requires tyres to have a high grip and traction so that the tread lugs form an approx angle of 23° which is an ideal position for tyre traction. Majorly, the tyre casing and quality are designed to withstand terrain hardness, soil, and sharp rocks. Alongside, the tread should have self-cleaning properties to maintain an effective operation. 

Hope this blog is useful to understand various Tractor tyres for different agricultural needs.