Where to Find Pipes for Sale and How to Clean Them

It’s no secret that smoking cannabis medically and recreationally has massively grown in popularity over the years. While smoking cannabis has been around for many, many years, it’s only until recently that fellow stoners can actively smoke more freely without the fear of judgment or even punishment. With more social acceptance and legality involved with cannabis, there are more people willing to try and continue smoking weed in their spare time.

With the influx of people now trying weed by themselves or with their friends, this means that there are more dispensaries and headshops that are popping up on every corner in cities where it’s allowed. With more of these head shops and stores selling smoking paraphernalia means that more people are going to experiment with the different products that are being sold in stores.

If you’re a seasoned smoker or are even just starting out in the world of smoking cannabis, then you have probably stepped foot into a head shop before. Walking into a good head shop can be a very fun experience. Once inside, you’re bombarded with shelves and glass case displays of beautiful and colorful pipes for sale usually made of glass and all in different shapes and sizes.

If you’re a new smoker, you may not have tried using a pipe before. It’s easy to get into a groove with your methods of smoking, whether that be from some sort of pipe or just a simple paper-wrapped joint. But, there can be a lot of benefits from smoking out of a pipe. Not only does it allow for a great smoking experience, but it’s easy to clean and pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Once you leave the head shop with one of their new pipes for sale, then the first thing you should do is clean it before your first use. This just makes sure that there is no germs, dust, or any kind of dirt on the pipe before you use it. While those head shops tend to be clean and sanitary, you don’t know how long that pipe has been sitting in the display case.

How to Clean a Pipe
This cleaning method is not just for the first time clean, this method can be applied whenever your pipe gets dirty after smoking from it for a while. It’s within your best interest to clean the pipe regularly, just for cleanliness purposes, and to make sure your dried weed is used to the fullest.

You will only need a few household supplies to get started. First, take a big plastic sealable bag and fill it with rubbing alcohol. Make sure the entire pipe is submerged in the rubbing alcohol. Then, add a spoonful of coarse salt. The coarse texture of the salt will act as an exfoliant to rub out any excess oils or resin where a brush or sponge couldn’t reach.

Seal up the bag and let it chill for at least 12 hours. It’s best to clean your pipe overnight, so when you wake up in the morning, it’s ready to go. Once the pipe has been soaking for a bit, shake it up a little bit to let the salt get to work. Be careful not to shake too hard or the pipe may break.

Once it’s been soaked and shaken, wash the pipe thoroughly with hot soapy water. Make sure there is no excess alcohol or salt on the pipe. After that, happy smoking!

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