Where to Buy Smoking Tools in South Florida

Though recreational use of marijuana isn’t quite legal in Florida, they have been slowly falling in other states’ footsteps and getting to legalizing it completely. In 2014 CBD Oil has legalized in Florida thanks to the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act. This is the first major step for Florida to start catching up to the progress that the many other U.S. States have made with their lax marijuana laws. In 2016 Florida took another step forward with the legalization of medicinal marijuana due to Amendment 2.

Smoke shops in South Florida were still a thing even before this legislation was put into place due to tobacco and other legal smokers in the area, but the legalization of medical marijuana increased the need for head shops. One of the best smoke shops in South Florida is definitely Hip Cat Smoke Shop. Heres’ just a few of the many items they have for sale:

Hand Pipes
One of the most convenient ways to smoke is with a glass hand pipe. These smoking tools are much smaller than bongs and dab rigs, so it makes transportation and discretion much easier. Not to mention it requires very little work to use and maintain. You just pack it with tobacco, or if you have you’re legally able to obtain weed in South Florida you can pack that in the ball. Then all that’s left to enjoy.

Hand Pipes also come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. You can get a truly unique piece that matches your personality. One glass piece that was recently added to Hip Cat Smoke Shop’s collection was the Sand To Hand Spiked Sherlocks. Sherlock pipes are named and shaped after the pipes that the fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, would smoke. They are just one of the many variants of hand pipes available.

A bong, also known as a water pipe, is another excellent smoking tool that you can find in any local head shop They’re bigger than hand pipes and are not as easy to transport, but they can make an amazing addition to your home collection. Hip Cat Smoke Shop in South Florida has many different kinds of bongs including some brilliant designs from Envy Glass Designs.

Rolling Papers
Some people don’t prefer glass for one way or another and that’s completely okay. There are plenty of options that you can choose to smoke from that exclude glass. Smoking papers are always an excellent choice. Roll up your medicinal marijuana or your tobacco and smoke. Smoking papers are small and easy to carry around.

If you are inexperienced with rolling papers you may have a difficult time rolling them at first, but ts very easy once you get the hang of it. You can also use a rolling tool as well to help you out if need be. The rollers help to be sure that the marijuana or tobacco is evenly distributed throughout the paper. This way it will roast as slowly as you need it to and won’t have an uneven burn.

If you are of age, are in the Florida area, and have a medical marijuana license you need to visit Hip Cat Smoke Shop in Fort Lauderdale or at their recently opened location in Pompano Beach. It’s by far one of the best smoke shops in South Florida. They have hand pipes, bongs, rolling papers, and so much more. If you want to learn more about Hip Cat you can visit their website, HipCatSmokeShop.com. Check it out today and see all of the amazing smoking products they have to offer.

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