Where Can I Find A Quality 1.5 Ton AC Unit

Winter is just around the corner, the smell of a hot cup of cocoa in your hands and the taste of chocolatey pretzels is gaining on you. During those months, the thought of a nice superior cooling option for your home will never enter your mind. But before you know it, you’re back in enduring yet another scorching summer days, and by then, it’ll be too much of a hassle finding the best high-quality air conditioner for your home.

To ease your struggle in relentlessly looking through catalogs and surveying for the perfect air-conditioner for your needs, we have prepared a quick guide on why you should consider a high-quality 1.5 ton AC unit, and where to get it.

Things To Consider When Choosing An Air-Conditioner
Basically, it does not matter if you’re shopping for an air-conditioner unit for your home or office. Just as long as you’re able to measure the space it will be cooling off, then you can start to consider other very essential things when picking an air-conditioner unit.

Air-conditioners vary in a lot of ways, one main thing is their tonnage. However, let’s take the confusion out of the context before we move forward. When we say 1.5 ton, it doesn’t have to do with its weight, you’re not going to have a hard time installing a 1.5 ton AC unit into your home. Air-conditioner tonnage means how much heat it can remove from the premises in an hour. Higher air-conditioner tonnage has generally far better performance than lesser ones if you’re trying to cool down a space that measures more than 180 square ft.

Nowadays, summers are getting much worse than they were a decade ago, so you better equip your home with an AC unit that has great cooling efficiency. Getting a 1.5 AC is better for a room larger than 200 square feet. Although, let’s face it, the bigger the unit, the higher its power requirements. But the good thing about it also is that its cooling capacity is way better than, let’s say, a 1 ton AC unit.

If you’re thinking “Oh, but I’ll have to pay more for a higher AC tonnage.” It actually depends. Like what’s stated above, you have to consider the space you want to be cooled down first. Take note that a 1 ton AC, while it has a lower purchase price than a 1.5 AC, will take a lot longer to cool down a room between 180-200 square feet. A 1.5 ton AC that will only take about thirty minutes or less to spread the cool air across the whole space.

So technically, your 1.5 ton AC unit is a lot more energy efficient than a lesser AC tonnage.

Where To Get It
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