What to look at inside the car?

  • Condition of the upholstery and the board: Check that the upholstery is in good condition, that it is not burned, cut or stained. Also check that the dash is not cracked and that the steering wheel or handlebar does not present any type of alteration.
  • Operation of electrical systems : Air conditioning, audio system and alarm should work well. If the car has suffered a collision, these elements may have errors or simply not work.
  • Status of the lights : The lights should be aligned, function properly, and come on when appropriate.
  • Presence of leaks : It is not normal to find leaks except for the air conditioning. Green fluid is typically antifreeze, reddish fluid is typically transmission or steering fluid, dark brown or black is oil or brake fluid. Any of these leaks is an alarm that some component is not working properly, and one of the causes of this may be a past shock.
  • Engine condition and operation : When starting the engine, you must be careful that it does not present strange noises, such as screeching or metallic sounds.
  • Also, check that the lid does not have different shades of paint, as this can also be an indicator of a repair after an accident.