What is the correct way of writing a PO Box address?

PO Boxes have been a go-to option for many businesses as well as individuals. The benefits PO boxes get with them are many and one can never ignore them. PO boxes are helpful to all the people who are travelling frequently, or have long working hours or maybe who just prefer to keep their privacy intact.

Having a registered postal office box enables one to get access to the right of receiving and sending mails from the postal office box address. Wherever you are in the world, your mails and parcels will get delivered to the post office in the shortest time possible.

Benefits of PO Boxes:

Postal office boxes top the demand charts nowadays for not just one of two but because of the several benefits, they offer. Let us have a look at the reasons to choose postal office boxes for communication purposes:

  1. No time delay – Receiving and sending mails to and from the postal office boxes, saves a lot of time. We all know that all the mails or parcels which get delivered at our doorstep, first reach the postal office box and then are sent out for home deliveries. By having the postal office box as the recipient address, one can save the time spent from the postal office box to home delivery.
  2. One stop shop – The postal office boxes not just provide the service of mail management but also provide services like notary service, passport service, shipping and packaging, etc. Getting all these services under one roof is altogether a different experience.
  3. Street address – PO box addresses earlier came without a street address. Absence of street address became a hurdle in the delivery process.  The scenario has changed now and the post office provides each registered person with a PO box street address. With the availability of street addresses, each and every delivery became possible from all the delivery partners.
  4. Privacy – The biggest benefit that comes with a registered post office box is that of privacy. People tend not to share their residential address with a new individual everytime they want to get something delivered. With the existence of post office boxes, this concern for privacy has clearly vanished.

Now that we all know what an amazing service a postal office box is, it is important to know how the postal office box address can make a difference when written in an incorrect manner.

Postal offices provide people with a dedicated mailbox number. Along with the number, postal offices also provide the complete address of the place to their customers, so that there is clarity at the time of delivery.

Once the whole registration process is complete, each registered individual is handed over with the details of their mailbox. These details may then be entered each time a postal address is asked for. 

While all this might sound great, it is important to write your postal address box in an accurate manner. Improper way of writing the address might lead to a delay in delivery or might even end up in non-delivery of mails and parcels.

How to write a PO Box online?

This is a crucial question. Only when one is aware of the way of writing an address can one be sure that the delivery would be quick and safe. Let’s see how your address looks without the postal office box:

Johnny Smith

345 Main Street

Anytown, USA 01011

Once you have a look at a PO Box address you will be able to identify the difference. It looks like:

Johnny Smith

PO Box 1776

Anytown, USA 01011

The difference lies in the street address. While writing the postal office box address all one has to do is replace the street address with the postal office box number and you are good to go.

Owning a valid PO box address will not only save your time but will also help you in keeping a track of things. You can focus on your professional commitments and you will get a message about the mails received at the postal office box. This latest text message service is a boon to those who are not frequent visitors to the postal office box and who only prefer to go at the time of pick up.

Are you well suited for the Postal office mailbox?

People are always in two minds when it comes to registering for a postal office box. Does the question remain whether this service suits them well or not? The answer is that anyone who receives mails and parcels frequently or who is occupied with their professional commitments should surely register for a postal office box. Apart from that, students or even people who love to travel the world should have a registered postal office box. Basically, this service is useful for each and every individual.


Owning a postal office box in today’s time is a must. It saves time and is cost-efficient. The only thing one should look after is the correct way of writing the PO Box address. If you are clear about that then you are all set to enjoy an amazing mail management service without fail.