What CPA Study Material to Choose In 2021?

You need to pick out the best CPA review course. In all sincerity, it could be the most significant choice you make if you’re seeking to pass the US CPA exam on your first attempt. It’s important to find the best US CPA study material that best fits your learning style. And this is the reason we have put together s list of comparisons of all the top choices below that will help you choose the best one among others.

Every CPA study material provider claims to have the best result in the industry, the truth is not the same. Not every CPA course is equally effective, efficient, and trustworthy. Choosing the wrong study material could cost you hundreds of waste extra study hours, even thousands of dollars, and much more. To save you from these losses, we have put together the best CPA review course with its features and why you should choose the same.

Here’s the indeed more excellent news: we have individually tested and worked out all of the CPA study materials and services providers below so you don’t have to waste your time in searching the same. Given below is a breakdown of how we estimate CPA exam review courses:

  • Quality vs. Quantity: It means, does the CPA review course have a good number of MCQs, SIMs, practice tests, video lectures, webinars, flashcards, and more? And are these exam study materials good enough to serve you for the real US CPA exam?
  • Subject Matter Expert: How adequate are the partners, instructor, and faculty of these review courses to prepare your core CPA exam concepts? Do they have expertise in the field and a lot of experience in their career profession and training?
  • CPA Course Cost: Do these exam study materials cost an inexpensive amount for the content they offer? Are there alternative tiers, payment gateway plans, or other price-saving opportunities possible for aspirants on a fixed budget?
  • Placement Support: Would you be able to get placement support after passing all four sections of the CPA exam? Can you get 100% placement support? Do they ensure that you will pass the CPA exam in your first attempt?

Topmost CPA exam preparation course and study material – Surgent CPA Prep course

The best-rated CPA review course technology, hands down.

Comes with all significant and top-class Features such as;

  • All covered sections of the CPA exam, 100% aligned with the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts (AICPA) blueprints and NASBA authorized.
  • Award-winning adaptive learning technology – A.S.A.P technology
  • Unlimited access to the software until you pass the exam in one go (+ free automatic content updates)
  • More than 7,700+ MCQs, 400+ simulations, 350+ nano-sized video lectures, live classes, live webinars, and much more.
  • Lecture study notes for all 4 sections of the US CPA exam.
  • The personalized exam study plan matches each exam candidate’s learning style, saving time up to hundreds of hours.
  • Printed textbooks & flashcards for all exam sections
  • One-on-one counseling session from best in class instructor.
  • Personal mentor and the right guidance.
  • And much more on the bucket list.

Additional Ultimate Pass Features:

  • Integrated practice exam topics with 1,000 additional MCQs and SIMs
  • Audio and video lectures for all 4 exam sections
  • Round the clock candidate support (Quick responses to content & technical questions)
  • Clearing doubt sessions
  • Study with the best Surgent professionals

Unique and Advanced Technology:

This prestigious award-winning technology is nothing but a kind of data-driven technology driving the revolution of the accounting and finance industry.

Qualified and Experienced Instructors:

Surgent professional instructors developed their curriculum with one precisely determined purpose: having the most productive exam study software to help aspirants pass their CPA exams in record time.

Money-Back Assurance:

They are offering candidates a money-back guarantee. You can try and use its free trial demo session before buying the course to get a familiar view for fast and effective decision making.


Surgent’s course is responsive which means all its features will work on most current smart devices, tablets, and desktops. Surgent adaptive technology is a term for the learning technology powered with AI Surgent uses in its CPA review course. The purpose of A.S.A.P technology-based software is to instantly reveal weak study areas that candidates need to focus on. Later, it automatically creates a unique personalized study plan for them focusing on those particular weaker sections.

Efficient and Effective

If you are preparing for the US CPA exams and want to be stress-free and 100% confident that you will pass the exam on your first attempt, the Surgent CPA prep course is your ultimate choice. With Surgent technology, you will get your hands on the number one rated, most effective, and efficient adaptive learning technology.

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