Types of Bongs for Sale

There is a wide range of smoking apparatuses for successfully consuming marijuana. Hand pipes, bubblers, bongs, dab rigs, one-hitters, vapes… It can be a little difficult to decide on which one would best satisfy your smoking needs. These needs can be just how high you want to get, how big your hits should be, how often you intend on smoking, how much money you want to spend, and a whole slew of other factors.

If you are looking for bigger and more powerful hits that take your highs to new levels, then a bong might be just what you’re looking for. These glass pipes are larger than most, but that’s because they make room for harder pulls and harder hits. They are also referred to as water pipes because they hold water in them, which allows for smoother, cooler, and more diffused smoke.

But what kinds of bongs will you find when you are searching for bongs for sale? Let’s take a look at the various types of bongs so you can be one step closer to finding the right one for you.

These are the most classic bongs for sale. When you envision these types of bongs, envision the beakers in chemistry class, and you’ve pretty much got the perfect image in your head of what they look like. The bottoms are flat, allowing for them to be perched on any flat surface, which then leads to a bulbous base. This part allows ample space for the water to sit and smoke to accumulate.

The bulbous bottom leads to a typically straight and tall tube where the mouthpiece sits. The beaker bongs can come in a range of fun designs, colors, and sizes, but they ultimately all have this general foundation.

When smoking from some bongs, users can occasionally get a burnt taste. This experience can ruin any smoker’s experience. This issue is greatly diminished with the use of a recycler bong. These bongs actually have two separate water chambers. These two water chambers work together to provide the toker with double the cooling and taste improving.

Round Base
Much like the beaker bong, the round base type is aptly named. The base of this bong is much rounder than the base of the beaker bong. This system is unique and an important discrepancy because it allows even more space to hold smoke, creating even more powerful and potent plumes. These plumes then lead to even higher highs. You can’t go wrong with having this bong in your glass pipe collection!

Straight Tube
For those no-nonsense smokers, the straight tube bong might just be perfect for you. These bongs are “straight” and to the point. They lack a round or bulbous base, so there isn’t a place to hold the smoke. There is instead a small space at the bottom of the unperturbed tube for holding water. This small space still allows you to diffuse and smooth each and every hit, but it doesn’t hang onto it.

The effect? The smoke shoots straight up through the tube and to you without any inhibition. However, the hits are admittedly smaller than those of round base, beaker, or recycler bongs. That means this type of bong is perfect for those who prefer smaller hits and/or have respiratory issues.

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