Turn your old powder bronzer to cream and show off a more luminous skin without spending

The tanners are amazing to give warmth and radiance to the skin, especially during the summer.

To obtain a more glossy finish, as if your skin were extra-moisturized and luminous, it is best to opt for cream formats .

And you don’t have to spend much more. You can easily make a cream bronzer with the powdered bronzer you already have.

I got this tip from TikTok, an infinite source of knowledge. It has become very viral because it is very effective.

How to make cream bronzer?

The technique is simple, you only need a spray makeup fixer and your powder bronzer.

  1. Spray your brush with the fixer 
  2. Use your brush to take the bronzer powder
  3. Apply on your face

It’s an easy way to experiment with the texture and cream finish, the result is identical. Repeat these steps every time you want to finish your bronzer.