Top Features For A Crib Furniture in 2021

Cribs are a crucial piece of furniture as it supports and comforts your baby to help them get the sleep they really need for the first three years of their life. They come in quite a lot of styles, shapes, designs, and colors enough to make a shilly-shallying parent’s head spin.

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Also, a lot of factors come to play when choosing the right crib furniture for your little one. The primary factor to keep in mind is if the furniture is up-to-date with both ASTM and U.S. CPSC safety standards for a toxic and chemical-free crib for your baby to have a hazard-free sleep.

Sleep is a big challenge for families with babies and even though a piece of crib furniture may seem like a big place for your precious newborn, we recommend that you purchase a new one that meets the latest safety standards. This way, SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths can be prevented. Room sharing is also highly recommended for families with newborn babies provided that they are placed in a separate sleep surface such as a Moses basket or a baby bassinet. They are stylish and at the same time, they give you a chance to save for a piece of sustainable crib furniture while your baby is still just a few months old.

Types of Cribs

Before we move on to the right features you must be looking out for when choosing the right crib for your bundle of joy, let’s check out the types of cribs there are that works for your budget and your lifestyle.

Traditional Crib- This is a standard crib with none or an option to convert to a toddler bed, however, convertible kits for these types of cribs are sold separately.
Convertible Crib – This crib grows with your baby, meaning, this type of crib is built to bring your family safety, longevity, and functionality. This crib converts to a toddler bed and sometimes even to a standard-sized bed frame or a daybed.
Mini cribs – is a miniature version of a full-size regular/convertible crib. Yes, some mini cribs are designed to convert to a twin-size bed! This type of crib delivers a pint-size punch of personality with the added benefit of a convertible design for a modern minimalist family.

Features to Look For

● Converting Sleeper
Babies grow pretty quickly and can grow out of their standard crib before they even start walking straight. To save money on toddler and twin-sized beds as your little one grows, consider a piece of crib furniture with conversion options.

● Mattress Height Adjustment Levels
As your little munchkin grows and gets more curious over time, it will become easier for them to climb out of their cribs. Putting the mattress at the lowest level as the baby grows is an efficient feature not to buy a new crib when the need arises.

● Extra Storage
Having extra storage built-in at the bottom of the baby’s crib is a pretty neat feature. It’s nice to have extra storage space for diapers and other essential needs underneath without getting stuff from a whole other piece of furniture in the room.

● Crib and Changer Combo
This feature is the ultimate choice for practical mothers. It’s a crib with a built-in changing table set so parents will have everything in one place. This type of crib is perfect for small nurseries. With the changing table attached to the crib, it eases the struggles of a new mom without having to lug another piece of furniture every time there’s a need for a diaper change.

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