Top 5 Best spy app for android 2021

Picking the best mobile spy software can be tricky. There are dozens of excellent cellphone trackers on the market.

Fortunately, I am here to help. I have worked as a private investigator for the past 15+ years. I utilize phone trackers almost every day.

Bearing that in mind, let us take a peek at the five best Spyera.


TheWiSpy spy app for android has a catchy title. It also has sufficient features to compete with SpyTrac and other top mobile spying apps on our listing. The program is designed to be easy for everybody to use. Like mSpy, you can found plenty of android parental control application features.

Block Anything: TheWiSpy will block almost anything undesirable from the phone — including specific apps, websites, and contacts. You can stop the phone by calling or messaging a particular individual, for instance.

Produce Time Restrictions: Block all phone action during particular times of the day. You might block all app usage during homework time, for instance, or prevent telephone calls instantly.

Geo-Fencing Alerts: 

Receive an alert when the target device travels outside a particular geo-fenced location. It is possible to designate the distance in your map via your TheWiSpy control panel.


It’s an advanced keylogger program for iOS. One of the remarkable things about iKeyMonitor is that all this info is delivered to your email address: there’s no requirement to log in to an online dashboard to look at the information, nor do you require physical access to the phone after you put in iKeyMonitor. Core features on iKeyMonitor comprise all of the following:

IKeyMonitor gives a free 3-day trial that lets you test before purchasing.

View All Keystrokes: iKeyMonitor is essentially a keylogger — similar to those hackers use. The software lets you see every keystroke typed across all apps — including everything from web browsers to messengers to email programs.


Spyera enables you to intercept and spy phone calls. You may also trigger a phone’s microphone remotely to record ambient cell phone noise. The software can be used with iOS and Android. The purchase of one license also enables you to install it on multiple cell phones. In general, SpyEra is excellent phone tracking software available at a reasonable price in comparison to other options on this listing. Core characteristics of SpyEra comprise:

Supports iOS and Android: SpyEra is available on frozen Androids and jailbroken iOS devices.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy was created as Spyera for parents and employers. It is accompanied by an innovative dashboard that allows you to monitor all activity remotely. You can quietly watch text messages, GPS locations, call details, photographs, and social networking activities. The main drawback of Mobile Spy is that, as a result of legal problems, Mobile Spy now has to display an”MS Monitoring” icon that informs the owner of the telephone that they’re are being watched.

Perfect for Parents: Mobile Spy’s primary customers are parents concerned about their child or teenager’s phone usage.

Parents may also monitor all telephone activity through the admin panel with spy app for android.


TheTruthSpy is a spy app for android launched in 2017. It provides essential monitoring at a higher cost than most other options on this listing. It is possible to track multiple devices, such as smartphones, PCs, and tablet computers. The computer software can be somewhat more complicated to use than other choices on this list — especially compared to parent-friendly opponents like Mobile Spy.

Powerful features including all of the following:

Ambient Noise Recording:

 Silently activate the microphone remotely to hear ambient sounds around the target device.

Real-Time Location Monitoring: 

Track the position of this goal smartphone in real-time. View in real-time place changes throughout the day.

View Texts and Messaging Background: 

Like most spy app for android on this list, TheTruthSpy lets you track texts, messaging app data, and other information.

SIM Card Notifications: 

You’ll get a notification when the goal phone changes its SIM card. On occasion, a user may alter the SIM card to prevent detection temporarily.