Tips To Store Car Tyres With Seasonal Shifts

Whenever the season changes, you need to replace your old tyres with the one that suits the new season. However, the replaced tyres also need to be stored so that you can use them effectively when the new season arrives. So the following article will tell you what is the right way to store your car tyres when the season changes.

Clean The Tyres

When you decide to store your Pirelli Tyres Wrexham for a long time because of the change in season, you must clean them thoroughly. While driving on muddy roads, tyres get dirty, lots of dust and debris accumulate in their treads. 

Moreover, after cleaning your tyres, you must make sure that your tyres are perfectly dry. Therefore, you should always make a habit to clean tyres with the solution of soap and water followed by a dry flow using a vacuum cleaner. Thus, you must ensure that there are no specks of dirt left on your tyre so that you can store your tyres for a long period without causing any damage to them.

Pack Them In Airtight Bags

After you have cleaned your car tyres, it becomes important for you to keep them in airtight bags to prevent moisture or air from settling on them. You can also use tape to seal them properly and leave some space for each tyre. This will prevent the oil in the rubber compound from getting affected. However, to ensure that there is no air left in the packing, you must use a vacuum cleaner to remove everything out from the plastic bags.

Keep Your Tyres Away From Sun

Tyres are made of soft rubber compounds and filled with oils and chemicals. If you are preparing to store your tyres for a long duration, it is very essential for you to keep them at a place where they do not get any kind of damage.

Tyres, when stored in direct sunlight due to the excess heat, the surface starts developing cracks and its rubber compounds become dry. This makes your tyre stiff, which results in excessive tread wear. Due to the excessive dryness, the tyre does not remain flexible any longer.

Avoid Chemical Substances

As tyres are made of delicate material, it is certainly significant for you to store them away from harmful chemical substances. You must not store tyres near any solvents, fuels, or lubricants. These things may accidentally fall and can come in contact with your car tyres, causing serious damages to them. 

It is the ozone chemical that causes more damage to your tyres than any other chemical compound. So you must store your tyres away from any motor or machinery that may generate ozone.

Keep Your Tyres In Right Position

If you store the tyres for a long time, it may happen that your tyres attain deformities due to wrong placements. To avoid such deformities, you must know how to keep your tyres in the right position for a long time. 

  • You can store your tyres in an upright position. The standing position puts less pressure on the tyres, and thus they are able to maintain their shape and size for a longer time.
  • If your tyres are mounted on rims, you can easily stack those tyres, but do not stack them too high. You can also hang the tyres that are attached to rims by hook, or on any racks.
  • Moreover, if your tyres are not mounted on rims, you should never stack them or hang them because the weight of the tyres will cause distortion and deformations in your car Tyres Wrexham.

Therefore, if you want to extend the life of your car tyres, it is important to store them properly. However, if you need any guidance on this, you should book an appointment at Johnny’s Garage.