The 5 Best Podcasts On Artificial Intelligence In 2021

Did you know the number one reason people in the United States listen to podcasts is to learn new things? After all, podcasts are great sources of “infotainment,” especially if you’re interested in new, relevant topics like Artificial Intelligence. Developers, CEOs, business managers, and anyone who wants to learn about AI can benefit from listening to podcast on Artificial Intelligence.

This article discusses the top 5 podcasts on AI in 2021. They make complex topics like AI more accessible and easily understandable for the masses. These podcasts will help you stay up-to-date about all important news and developments in the field of AI –

1. Practical AI: Machine Learning and Data Science

This podcast is hosted by technology strategist Chris Benson and the famous data scientist Daniel Whitenack. It scores the top spot in this list because most conversations on this podcast discuss productive, real-world implementations of AI. If you want to learn how the latest advances in AI tech will apply to real-world scenarios, listen to Practical AI.

2. NLP on COVID19 and Mental Health

This relatively new podcast was launched when COVID19 cases started skyrocketing in the early months of 2020. Johannes Eichstaedt, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, discusses the incredible uses of Natural Language Processing in this podcast. He uses NLP programs to review massive piles of social media data (data from Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

He reports his findings on the podcast. These findings revolve around the impacts of the COVID19 pandemic on the psychological behaviors of individuals and large populations. This podcast is great for understanding the critical role NLP programs will play in the future of scientific research.

3. Eye on AI

Want to understand the societal implications of implementing AI technology? “Eye on AI” is a must-listen podcast on Artificial Intelligence for you! It’s hosted by Craig S. Smith, one of the oldest tech reporters at the New York Times. Listeners get to learn about the progress of AI research from the discussions the host has with key industry professionals.

This bi-weekly podcast is also a decent source for all AI-related news and events. But, the most enticing discussions on the podcast involve topics like the societal implications of AI technology, future predictions of AI, etc.

4. The Data Exchange

Ben Lorica, the chief data scientist of Databricks, hosts “The Data Exchange,” where he discusses topics like data mining, ML, etc. Although this podcast deals with a lot of technical topics (e.g., end-to-end deep learning models), it’s still easy to understand. Listeners get to learn how fast-growing AI companies are using AI to achieve all types of feats.

Listening to a prominent AI expert like Ben Lorica will give you simplified understandings of complex topics like deep learning.

5. The Intersection of AI and Computer Graphics

Interested in learning about how AI will impact gaming, facial animations, in-game graphics, etc.? Listen to this podcast hosted by Aaron Lefohn, a senior researcher at NVIDIA. NVIDIA is at the forefront of AI-powered GPUs. This podcast by Mr. Lefohn is always an exciting listen.

The long-form, conversational format of these podcasts on Artificial Intelligence makes it super-easy to learn about AI technology in 2021!