Skills That Help You Get Through A Tyre Emergency

Nobody knows when and where one can run into trouble. The worst thing that can happen to you is running into unexpected damages when you least expect it. However, it is safe to say that nobody gets what they want and that’s why it is best to always be prepared for any bad situation that might befall you.

If you are an avid driver or even someone who rarely takes their car out for and that too, for errands; the one thing you should always know is how to change a flat tyre. It is not uncommon for a lot of people to rely on professional help and intervention whenever they come face to face with a puncture or any tyre-related issues. A flat tyre can become a cause for worry very quickly especially if you are driving late at night and your car suddenly gives out due to a flat tyre.

A puncture is one of the common reasons behind flat tyres. But there are other reasons as well that can be the cause of a flat for tyres Reading. There can be some unexpected and inevitable damages such as the bad conditions of the road, impact with a pothole or merely driving over a pin or a needle.

Tyre Inflation

Other reasons for your tyres to get a flat can include the overinflation of tyres. When this happens, your tyres can also very likely blow out owing to the extreme amounts of pressure that have been inflated in them. That is why it is important to always consult your vehicle’s manual to maintain the right amount of inflation pressure in tyres. Additionally, if the wheels of your car are made up of aluminum, it is recommended to check the tyre pressure often, preferably using a pressure gauge tool. One needs to bring their car to the mechanic if and when the issue becomes a recurring problem.

Now that we have established several reasons for your tyres to get a flat, let’s look at a step-by-step guide for you to follow when you want to change your flat.

  1. Once you have safely parked your car on the side of the road, make sure to switch on the hazard lights, especially if the road is full of traffic,
  2. Next, you should use bricks or any heavy piece of wood or stone that can act as a brazing material, which will help and stop your tyre from rolling in any direction and increase the general stability of the vehicle.
  3. Next, one must locate their spare tyre and jack. Once you have found the same, simply refer to the owner manual to make sure that the jack has been placed properly so that it does not prove to be hazardous for you and your car.
  4. You next need to access the lug nuts which can be done by removing any center covers.
  5. Next, simply start jacking up the car once you have ensured that the jack has been placed correctly. One should only continue this process once they are sure that there is ample pressure put on the ground, meaning without lifting the car completely.
  6. Next, you can simply use a lug wrench to pull out the lug nuts, the same process of loosening the nuts can be done by turning the wrench in a counter-clockwise direction.
  7. Once your jack has become stable and high enough for you to take out the flat tyre with ease, you can then use the spare tyre and fit it on the hub. Furthermore, you should position the lug nuts in the required position.
  8. Once the spare tyre has been fit, simply use the lug wrench to again tighten the lug nuts, this time the lug wrench should turn in a clockwise direction.
  9. Lastly, lower the jack and perform the final checks. Once you have embarked on the road, make sure after a few kilometers that the lug nuts are still intact.

Therefore, if you ever run into such a situation the next time, you will be able to overcome your situation without much trouble. If you want to know more about changing a flat Hankook Tyres Reading, subscribe to our blog and click on the redirection link.