Simple Guide To Screen Door Replacement With Cost

If you are thinking of buying or installing a new one, think again. You can save that money and can do it yourself in the already present frame. Now for the people whose entrances are distorted to the extent that they can’t be fixing at home, they can provide overall screen door replacement within budget.

In the market, there are primarily two types. One is vinyl that requires no paint and sealing. Also, it is quite easy to maintain. Two is wood that is both paintable and stainable. You can easily detach them for paint and maintenance.

In this article, we have talked about how you can change the existing one into a new one at home. Moreover, we have elaborated 2021 rates of the installation cost of these.

Required Material                                         

Before proceeding, you will need a few materials and tools. These are crucial for performing the task. If you don’t have any, you can easily buy them online at the best deals.

To-Do Things For Screen Door Replacement

Once you have all the required tools on the table, put on some safety gloves. Since, you will be working with a steel metal guard, during the process you can cut or injure yourself.

Get Rid Of Damaged Screen

The snags, tears, and discoloration happen due to excessive damage and wear and tear. These are the signs of changing them into new. So, if you want to change it without altering the frames, put the damaged area and frames on the flat surface.

Now pull the free to remove the older one, if the spline is unbroken. This way you will save on the cost of buying a different one. Otherwise, cut the hole and pull it out from the entrance sides.

Cut And Shape The New

Take the firsthand one and lay it on the framing area. This is for measuring and cutting the right shape and size. Now take the scissors and trim it down. But extend the size to ½ inches for overlapping the edges.

Usually, when you install the original one it becomes taut. This makes it extra-large from the required size. However, if you try to trim it too much, the material will leave to not fulfill the requirement.

This way, it will not fit in the edges and you must not take the risk. Otherwise, you have to spend money for more.

Attachment With Frame

Since the spline tool contains both concave and convex rollers. This makes it convenient to wedge the sides into the edges. This is first used for securing the material without using other accessories.

  • First, take the spline, you can create the fresh length or keep it according to the older one. Then, organize it alongside the entryway.
  • Now groove it to the edges perfectly. There must be nothing sticking out.
  • Take the concave side of the tool and by using a roller, slowly push the material into the sides. Do this for all the corners and overall length.
  • During the rolling process, keep your hand on the spline to keep it intact. If not so, you will make bunches that will build up a few places.
  • Once reaching the corner, press the convex side with an angle. You have to put pressure on pressing it.
  • To ensure that it is completely pressed inside, roll over the convex side to the whole length.
  • Trim And Remove Extra

Take the utility knife, and remove the extra sides and edges sticking out. For making a nice and clean finish, start with cutting from inside above the borders. You can also seek help from a window repair service.

Installation cost

The average installation cost varies depending on size, number of products, type of replacing, and the labor fee.

Since there are two kinds of replacements;

  • Replacing the already existing material
  • Installing original custom size matching with entryway

Metal entryway: 36”x 80”

ItemUnit PriceQuantityLine price
Metal border with aluminum net$781$78
Labor fee$691$69

Vinyl entryway: 36”x 80”

ItemUnit CostQuantityLine Price
Vinyl border with aluminum net$1131$113
Labor fee$691$69

Wood entrance: 36” x 80”

ItemUnit PriceQuantityLine Rate
Wood border with aluminum net$1981$198
Labor fee$791$79