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When it comes to smoking, there are many different methods out there for you to enjoy your weed or cannabis product. No matter if you’re a novice smoker, just getting into the thick of it, or have been smoking recreationally for years, there is always room to find new ways to enjoy your weed. The entire industry for smoking accessories has expanded immensely over the years, making it easier, more fun, and even experimental for smokers to consume their weed.

Some of the more commonly used smoking devices are things like bongs and water pipes. These two things are both considered under the umbrella term of glass pipes because they are both usually made out of glass. However, there is a difference between bongs and water pipes that should be noted. Here, we’re going to break down the differences and see what kind of glass pipe would be better for you.

Water Pipes vs. Bongs
The ultimate debate. Well, not really, but in the smoking world, these two types of smoking accessories are very common and most people either use one or the other. A bong is simply a glass tube that is 1-3 inches in diameter and can hold water. Usually, bongs are made with a straight tube and you put your mouth on the end of it. The design of a bong is made so that when you light your dried weed, the smoke can pass through the water, allowing the smoke to cool before it hits your throat.

The design of a water pipe is a bit more complicated because it’s made to include multiple percolators and several champers. The designs can come in multiple shapes and sizes, where bongs are strictly made with a straight tube. It’s similar to a bong in that it also holds water, hence the name, but the way the smoke gets circulated is quite different.

The way the smoke feels when you inhale from a water pipe as opposed to a bong will usually be very different. While in a bong, the water is there to help cool down the smoke, the hits you get are usually very intense and powerful and can cause big coughing fits.

A water pipe is less intense of an experience, which is great to achieve a mellow high instead of an intense one. But when it comes down to it, it’s all about personal preference. If you’re a fan of using bongs, continue using bongs. If you enjoy using water pipes, continue using water pipes.

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