Questions You Have to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company

Online businesses have become more prominent during the pandemic. Owners and sellers either took their store online or created social media accounts to promote it. If you are a business owner looking to hire an SEO (search engine optimization) company to boost your sales, then keep reading! This article will help you choose the right services that fit your business.

SEO companies help boost your website or social media account visibility on search engines such as Yahoo and Google. For example, let’s say you want to buy a new makeup product (a blush, maybe?) online. If you look up “blush for sale” on Google, there are going to be millions of results, and Google’s algorithm is the one deciding how high they rank in said results.

Businesses hire SEO services to improve their visibility on search engines. Increased visibility means more site visits, more traction, and definitely more sales.

I want to hire an SEO company. What should I ask them?

Each and every business has its own unique brand and identity. Your SEO company must recognize that and thus, cater to your needs in a personalized way. Upon interview day, you should ask them how they will adapt their services to your brand. It must be through a strategy that will bring you the most benefits – promote your website and generate more sales! 

Okay great. What’s next?

How fast do you need results? A good SEO company must be able to give you a general time frame, which is commonly around six months. While this process takes time, it is definitely worth it once you see the results. If they promise you less than six months, however, ask why. Make sure they provide you concrete facts – evidence from past transactions would be better. 

Another helpful question would be to ask how they intend to conduct progress reports. Services such as SEO require effective and efficient communication from both sides, which can only happen through regular updates and reports. They shouldn’t promise too frequent reports as this may hurt the long-term goal, but it shouldn’t be too rare either that you risk miscommunication.

What’s the most important question I should ask?

This is kinda tricky, for businesses have different goals and identities. A must-ask question, however, would be to request a copy of their past clients and transactions. This will help you gauge how effective the SEO company is. Check if the businesses they catered to are similar, (e.g., they’re all electronic brands) and if they are, and you happen to be of a different business, ask the company how they intend to adjust to your brand. If you can, personally ask their past clients of their experiences too – it may help you find out more about the SEO company.

Asking for references will definitely improve your search for an effective SEO service. It entails many questions that you can use before hiring one!


The search for an SEO company, like many steps in the business industry, is undoubtedly a challenging one. But with the help of guide questions, research, and patience, you will definitely come across the company that’s perfect for your brand! You just need to be proactive and mindful of your search – choose one that’s not only proven to be effective but also genuinely cares for your business! A good SEO company is one that has your best interests in mind.