Pylon Signage Detail – Everything you Need to Know about it!

Pylon signs also referred to as freestanding or pole signs, are well known in the sign industry. They are outdoor signs that can be installed on single or double poles. They can be single-sided or double-sided, illuminated, and include elements such as an LED message centre.

Pylon signs can be easily found at the malls or shopping centres with several lightboxes into the sign. The pylon design and brand might have stone, brick, or metal elements with a base often similar to the overall architecture.

How is a Pylon Sign Made?

Most of the pylon signs parts are made of aluminium coverings and then welded into steel framings to increase their strength and durability. To prevent oil-canning and ensure that signs look outstanding for many years, the larger metal sections are reinforced.

Additionally, within the sign, there is a structural steel that is painted separately to prevent rusting. The graphics of the signs are usually computer-generated that ate more appealing and precise. Generally, UV-resistant plastic is used, so the colour doesn’t fade.

You might have noticed that some pylon signs illuminate. This is because they are internally illuminated, and an LED module is used within the sign to turn it into an information station. Since pylon signs have to operate around the clock, it also offers an eco-friendly and highly cost-effective solution. In addition to this, light sensors to the lightbox can help to switch off the internal lights.

The Types of Pylon Signs

There are several types of pylon signs. Due to their mounting style, pylon design and brand can be customized to fit into your business marketing strategy and image. Let us have a look at the different types of pylon signs.

  • Single-pole Mount

Single-pole mounts have classic designs and are monolithic, economical, and can help make a statement. It secures the sign by extending it upwards from the ground. Depending on the preferences, you can make it double- or single-sided, unlit, or illuminated.

  • Twin-pole Mount

Similar to a single-pole design, it provides greater rigidity and stability as it is mounted on two posts. Therefore, it is best when using the larger signs.

  • Covered-pole Mount

Is an exposed metal pole ruining your overall brand look? Don’t worry, as these poles can be covered with personalized creativity to the main support to fit your brand and business image.

  • Lightbox pylon signs

Increase the visibility of your business throughout the day and night by getting an internally lit lightbox pylon. The sign can contain multiple or single lightboxes to fit your needs. 

Benefits of Pylon Signs

The pylon signs are considered effective when it comes to capturing the attention of potential consumers as they have freestanding and visible structures. When studied more about the Pylon signage detail, it has been found that pylon signs help in sales growth and other transactions. So, let’s find out some of the more benefits of pylon signs.

  • Increased Visibility

One of the main benefits of pylon signs is their height that can be taken full advantage of. In addition, it helps to locate your business easily and thus increases the chances of growth where newcomers can drive by.

  • Cost-Effective

Pole signs can be manufactured and utilized for more than one business. This feature makes it the ideal choice for apartments, malls, and similar locations. In addition, while offering multiple benefits, pylon signs offer a high return of investment (ROI) on utilities and business profits.

  • Branding Opportunity

Branding is more important than anything, and thus it is vital to have a well-designed sign that can be used to broadcast your business. You can install it at ideal locations to target your audience.

  • Customizable

Pylon signs are available in numerous designs, and they can be customized using a variety of materials. Additionally, one can also add elements such as LED or digital boxes as per needs and preferences.

  • Versatility and Durability

Pole signs are freestanding signs that are wider and taller and can be used in several ways as they do not require anything else for support. The materials used to fabricate pylon signs are resilient that makes them last for many years.

Popular Ways To Customize Pylon Signs

Pylon signs can be customized in a number of ways. For example, pylon sign board manufacturers add things such as:

  1. LED message boards to display important information or announcements. It can also include things like the time, temperature and weather, etc.
  1. Masonry elements or decorative accents on the pylon sign are a popular option that adds elegance and sophistication. 
  1. Illumination inside or around the lightbox helps in discerning the finer details even during gloomy evenings.
  1. Lastly, the overall design and shape of the pylon sign can be customized where you can use curves instead of angles. You can increase the width of a sign or the size of the fonts according to your requirements.


Take your business to new heights – literally and figuratively with pylon design and brand! It is the perfect addition to the branding strategy as it advertises the business location all the time and at a greater height. It also offers a range of customization options, designs, and technologies to enhance visibility and durability.

Get pylon signs and attract more people to your location from near and far.