Pros and Cons of Joints Vs. Bongs and Pipes

Have you ever wondered about the various ways to smoke and consume marijuana? The world of marijuana is one filled with innovation and excitement, especially in recent times. As marijuana becomes more and more legalized, the more accepting people are becoming to it– and the more in love with the delicious herb they are becoming, too.

There are a plethora of ways to consume marijuana, but one of the most popular ways of doing so is smoking. Marijuana has been most traditionally smoked from hand-rolled joints. However, another great way of smoking it is with a glass pipe, whether it be a hand pipe or bong.

If you are considering buying either rolling papers for joints or bongs and pipes for sale, you should know the pros and cons of both joints and glass pipes.

Joints: Pros

●Stronger Marijuana Aromas
If you enjoy the unique and delicious smell of marijuana, then this might be the best option for you. When smoking a joint, there is nothing stopping the scent of the smoke from flowing out of the joint’s ends.

●Easy to Transport
Because of their typically small size, you can easily transport your joints to wherever you are going! Easily fit it in your pocket or other small carrying cases, such as your purse or even wallet.

●Ideal for Sharing
Joints are one of the most ideal smoking apparatuses for sharing with friends. These have long been known for being popular for passing around in friend circles, which assists in strengthening relationships.

Rolling papers tend to be quite cheap, so if you are looking for a cheap option for smoking, then joints might just be what you need. All you need are rolling papers, a lighter, and your favorite marijuana bud!

Joints: Cons

●Not Stealthy
If you are looking for a smoking device to utilize without drawing much attention from others, then a joint might not be the best option. It can emit a lot more smoke than other smoking devices along with a much more pungent scent.

●Can Burn Too Quickly
When you roll a joint, you need to be very particular about how you do it. If you roll it too loosely, then the paper and marijuana can burn too quickly, so you get far less out of your joint than you should. Plus, you could even lose some bud if it isn’t rolled tightly enough! And that is just not okay.

●Takes Work
Rolling a joint perfectly can require some practice and focus. If you would rather just drop your bud into a device and smoke it, then maybe joints aren’t what you want.

Bongs and Pipes: Pros

●Easy to Fill and Smoke
When you use bongs and other glass pipes, you’ll instantly notice how much easier these are to smoke. Some of them require water in their base (like bongs and bubblers), then you need to break up the bud with your hands or a grinder and place it in the bong’s bowl piece. Light, breathe in, and enjoy!

●Stronger and Bigger Hits
When smoking glass pipes, especially bongs, you typically can get much bigger and stronger hits. These pieces provide you with a chamber that holds the smoke, lets it build up, then unleashes it to you for optimal enjoyment.

Bongs and Pipes: Cons

Joints don’t require any cleaning, which can be convenient for some smokers. Glass pipes, however, do end up building some resin on the inside. That needs to be cleaned occasionally. Otherwise, you will have less-than-ideal flavors when smoking.

●Not the Best for Traveling
A lot of glass pipes, especially bongs, are tricky to travel with because of their larger size and their delicate build. They are more likely to break and also aren’t convenient to carry.

 Above are just some of the pros and cons of joints along with bongs and pipes for sale. If you are looking for the best bongs and pipes for sale to add to your smoking device collection, you should definitely consider the many offerings at Funky Piece Smoke Shop. You won’t be sorry you did!

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