Professional accounting services in Mississauga, ON help your small business achieve big goals

There is no better validation of our approach to accounting services, and no higher honor, than to have our peers trust their clients to Dean & Associates Accounting. We have been privileged to support the successes of a wide range of Accountant Firm Mississauga, ON and the GTA for more than two decades, from restauranteurs to doctors. While we value all our clients, we feel that the ultimate praise and validation is to have others in your profession turn to you for your expertise and skill. After all, these clients know exactly what distinguishes quality firms and professionals from middling firms and professionals. They certainly would not put the success of their business or client relationship on the line by selecting a questionable partner for a given project or ongoing engagements to augment staff, satisfy specific compliance requirements, avoid conflicts of interest, or to enrich niche or highly specialized expertise.

We also recognize that our clients are “small” only in terms of the size of their team. All organizations deserve consistently quality service, regardless of if they employ five people, 50 people, or 500. Besides, many firms have ambitions to not be so “small” in size; we appreciate that entrepreneurs are tenacious people who see beyond the trees by their very nature. They know what can be and not what is. We have been in the humbling position of guiding and assisting many clients as their organizations evolve and grow over the years. In fact, one of our very first accounting firm clients remains a client today!

Dean & Associates Accounting understands that attracting clients is one, albeit lesser, facet of running a successful business. You must provide the responsiveness, reliability, communication, adaptability, data security, technological sophistication, professionalism, ethics, and technical aptitude and knowledge to keep those valued clients. We further understand that behind every accounting firm that we work with, there is a community. There are former colleagues at other firms or businesses. There are fellow members and leaders with industry organizations such as CPA Ontario, or professionals associated with university alumni groups. So, we enjoy hearing from other accountants who heard about us from our former workmates, schoolmates, or associates. We enjoy doing our part to maintain the highest level of standards within the region’s accounting community.

It is, of course, one thing to read about how we describe our work with other accountants and their staff. It is quite another to hear from those who have entrusted us with their clients, projects, and needs. We are happy to get you in touch with some of those clients, too.

We look forward to meeting you, virtually or in-person, and to find out more about how we can assist your team as you support others’ teams.