Metal Roofing Pros and Cons You Need to Consider

Whether you are choosing a roof for your new home, or you just wanted to replace your existing roof for a total makeover, there are various options available to choose from. There are several roofing materials, each having different benefits that can affect the overall look and performance of your roof. One of the most chosen roofing options for home constructions or improvement projects would be the application of metal roofing. This is considered as an attractive and effective choice because of their longevity, minimal maintenance, and energy efficiency.

Metal roofs have become more popular for a lot of homeowners. It has a wide array of options too—varying from the color, style, construction, and the like. And with different manufacturing advancements, this material can transform the overall look of homes. It can be devised in a way where it can be mostly utilized, improving its performance. Metal roofing are known to be durable and long lasting, while being lightweight and environmentally-friendly. These are few of the multiple advantages and benefits that metal roofs offer.

However, with all the benefits that metal roofing provide, you still need to look at other factors before deciding to choose them for your homes. As it has a lot of advantages, there are certain drawbacks in installing this as well. It can be too costly, tends to be noisy when extreme environmental circumstances occur, and can be dented at times too. You need to look through all the qualities first, and decide whether you will have them installed or not. All of the things, may it be in relation to roofs or not, have advantages and drawbacks. You just have to find the best one you think you can benefit the most. This article will provide you with more insights to help you decide on the best roof for your home. Read on.


Durable and Long Lasting

It is widely known that metal roofs last for around 40 to 50 years. This long lasting quality makes this roofing type on top of the list of the pros. Given this reason, most people opt for this one when choosing for their new home, or just for the replacement of their current roof. However, these given timespan can still vary depending on climate conditions, unforeseen damage, workmanship, or even with how their time-to-time upkeep goes.

The fact that metals are resistant to fire, rotting, and other environmental elements makes it a proof that this material indeed has a long lasting quality. This will be effective as long as the metal roof is properly installed. In addition, with the material’s unique durability, it can withstand any natural damaging factors while not corroding nor cracking because of the rust-proof roof coatings it has. Though it is said to possibly be dented as time goes by, it can still be impact-resistant. You also do not need to worry about the regular costly maintenance that other roofing materials require. However, they should still be occasionally inspected, making sure that it does not require repairs.


Aside from being strong and durable, metal roofs can also be lightweight. Actually, people get surprised when they discover that metal roofing holds the lowest weight among all the standard roofing materials, while having to hold up still firmly over the years, better than the rest of the available roofs. They usually weigh from 1 to 3 pounds per square foot, determined by its thickness and profile.

Since metal roofs are lightweight, you can be able to save on the engineering and building of the supporting structure of your project. Actually, if you are building a new house or just improving your home, you can downsize or reduce the number of roof support members because of how light its weight is.

Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing is considered as a more sustainable alternative since they are mostly made from 25 to 95% recycled content. Apart from this, they are 100% recyclable at the end of their life as a roof, unlike other roofing materials that contribute to landfill waste. It can also provide an ideal platform for homeowners who want to start on various eco-conscious initiatives, including solar panels and systems for harvesting rainwater.

In some home improvement projects, because of metal roofs being lightweight, they can be installed directly over the asphalt shingles, without overburdening the roof’s structural support. With this, you can save the effort of removing and installing the metal one, and can save the sheer waste of ripping off the old roofing before sending it to a landfill.


Can be Costly

Given the number of benefits that metal roofing provide, you have to pay more than the standard pricing of the typical roofs to be installed. They can be as much as two or three times more expensive than the other options. In addition to this, the installation labor may also be more expensive than what you would pay for the other types. Breaking down your payment would include the specialized training, knowledge, tools and equipment that they would be using.

Although this is the case, a high-quality metal roof will guarantee you that you will be getting what you actually paid for. Investing for this type of roofing makes much sense if you plan to stay in your home long enough to enjoy the cost benefits.

Tends to be Noisy

Metal tends to be noisier than other types of roofing materials, especially during heavy rains, thunderstorms, and strong winds. This is because it has a thinner membrane that rain and hail can drum on. Though this problem can be solved by adding extra layers of solid sheathing or installation, it could increase the total cost that you need to pay. It will minimize the sound heard inside your house. The noise can be particularly loud on metal roofs, but can be decreased if the attic is properly insulated.

Can be Dented

Though metal roofs are known to be durable, and that can withstand even the most extreme environmental elements, some metals are prone to denting especially if there is a particularly heavy hailstorm or branches that fall on the house. And if the storm is heavy enough to cause damage to metal roofing, they would most likely damage the other roofing materials too. But all these can still be dependent on what type of metal you are opting to choose for your roof.

Key Takeaway

Roofs at home gives you opportunities to make your home distinctive, as houses in one neighborhood may look all similar. Given that there are a variety of roofing options to choose from, it is said metal roofing makes a great impact in transforming a home’s overall exterior look while having them last long. It is durable, long lasting, lightweight, and environmentally friendly. But then, all of these benefits still have drawbacks, which are considered factors that you may need to consider before actually purchasing one.