How Vital Moon is in Vedic Astrology?

While an astrologer analyzes the horoscope, have you heard him stressing on the moon, and had you wondered how much the Moon is crucial in determining your future? And often you would have also would have been surprised as the Moon being addressed as a planet when astronomically it is a satellite of the earth. But as per Hindu astrology, we call the Moon a planet, the only one to revolve around the Earth. If Sun is a generator of power, Moon will be the conductor of the same power. 

Today, we will analyze the significance of the Moon in Vedic astrology.

What does astronomy say about the Moon? 

As per astronomy, the Moon is a natural satellite of the Earth and orbits around the earth. Believed to be 4.5 million years old, Moon is the 5th largest satellite in the solar system and was born after the Earth.

How is the Moon treated in Hindu mythology?

As per Hindu mythology, Moon is a vital character in many stories. The Nrusingh Puran says that the Moon or Chandra is the disciple of Jupiter (Guru or Brihaspati). He was handsome and Tara, the wife of Brihaspati, got infatuated by the personality of the Moon resulting in an illicit relationship. From their relationship, the planet Mercury (Budh ) took birth. The planet Jupiter got angry with this and cursed Mercury to be a eunuch and hence we call the planet Mercury a eunuch planet.

What’s the significance of the Moon in Hindu astrology? 

As per Vedic astrology, Moon is one of the important factors that decide the future of human beings. The ascendant or Lagna is the most powerful house in the horoscope and it is called Chandra Lagna.

For example, if the Sun is considered the king, the moon is considered as queen. Because the own sign of the planets is taken into account from the Sun and Moon.

Sun owns its house in Leo, while Moon is own signed in Cancer.

The planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn are signed anticlockwise from Leo the house of Sun, while all these planets are themselves signed clockwise from Cancer the sign of the Moon.

Therefore, it is apparent that the Moon has got a great significance in the field of Indian astrology.

What is an exalted moon?

The planet Moon is exalted in the Taurus till 3 degrees and it’s treated to be the most powerful moon in the birth chart. Moon determines the creativity and imagination power in a person and it is based on where Moon is placed from the house. 

When Moon is the 9th lord, it signifies fame and fortune and brings wealth and social status while it is exalted in the 7th house.

What is a debilitated moon?

Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio that is just opposite to Taurus. When the Moon is debilitated in the chart and conjoined with a malefic planet, it signifies a bad omen.

The weak Moon in Scorpio can be harmful in multiple ways. The affliction of the Moon by the malefic planets such as Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn can cause psychological disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, migraine, madness, forgetfulness, and lack of taking decisions.

However, when it is in Neech Bhang Yoga, the results would be highly beneficial and an astrologer can help you identify this part in detail.

In addition, the Moon can also bring in positive results when it is conjoined with auspicious planets such as Jupiter and Venus.

What is an afflicted moon?

Moon mustn’t be afflicted by malefic planets as it has an imperative role in Vedic astrology. The moon signifies mind or mentality and any affliction to it will directly have a serious impact on our ability to think and imagine. You need to consult an expert astrologer to analyze the strength of the Moon.

Who to consult for detailed analysis of the Moon?

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