How To Choose A Perfect Pair of Sunglasses and Where To Get Them

There’s something exciting about putting on a great pair of sunglasses that just makes everything else feel a lot cooler—an exciting day ahead maybe?

Whatever it is that’s waiting for you today, pick the one indestructible glasses in your collection and say yes to UV rays protection. While looking dashing and in style is the point of wearing sunglasses it does not necessarily have to stop there. Besides being durable, a perfect pair of sunglasses is also effective at protecting your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun.

So, we’re here to guide you towards the perfect pair of sunnies made with various frames and lenses that are perfect for your preference.

Plastic frames are typically less expensive and are more impact-resistant. Polycarbonate frames and lenses are often considered indestructible glass frames because of their flexible, shatterproof, and built-in scratch-resistant properties. Which makes them favorable among free-spirited individuals participating in any outdoor activities. They are also known to be lightweight and are excellent in long hours of use because they are almost unlikely to hurt your face. Polycarbonate frames and lenses, like the ones Runaways® sunglasses are made of, all possess comfortability to wear without sacrificing the overall quality of the sunglasses.

What’s also good about polycarbonate material is that it basically blocks 100 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays without any addition of special coatings to call it UV rays-resistant. Although, for added safety especially those sunglasses that are typically sold for outdoor sports activity prone to dropping or scratching, it is advisable that these sunglasses have an anti-reflective coating and scratch-resistant coating for every wearer’s peace of mind.

Glass frames and lenses, on the other hand, have been around for ages and are more sought after by those who want to see clearly while still looking cool and in style. Its resistance to scratches is highly impressive and has been like that ever since it was invented. What’s also great about glasses is it does not require an additional anti-scratch coating to make it more susceptible to scratching. One wipe off the dust and it’s optically clear. This is why glasses are the only choice for camera lenses, microscopes, and other devices that need crystal clear results. Although glasses are heavy and can gradually become uncomfortable to the wearer when worn for long hours, they can be made with thinner materials making you look more dashing than usual.

The season to be wearing sunglasses is upon us and it is high time that you update your collection of the most durable, most impact-resistant frames and lenses. Whether you are having a beach day, outside doing crazy tricks, out on a bike ride, or just plain hanging out with friends, elevate your summer by choosing some of the indestructible glasses of different stylish frames and fun lenses today.

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