Get To Know About The Significance Of Tyre Stripes And Dots

You have ordered new tyres and you traced colourful dots and stripes on the tyres. These stripes seemed weird but interesting to you. For someone who has never seen these stripes and dots before, things can get a little confusing and fascinating all at the same time.

You need not worry anymore about this as this article will clear all your queries regarding these colourful dots and stripes in detail. Many customers get confused about this and complain that there are markings on theTyres Cirencester. Similarly, many customers complain that these markings on the tyre get disappeared after some time of driving. They assume the tyres are getting damaged and hence, the markings are disappearing.

Significance of these Markings

You must know that professionalism must be adopted while it is a matter of tyre production. Upgrading their systems and providing products of the latest technology is compulsory for every manufacturer of tyres. Millions of tyres are manufactured every single day.

Every day, the tyre manufacturing factories need numerous tread sheets. Thus, they have evolved some marking systems to avoid making any expensive mistakes. Already, manufacturers of tyres had to recall various products from their units over the years. This affected their brand image and customer loss.

When the marking system is considered, the dots and stripes found on the tyres is usually a technique that many tyre manufacturers use to denote sort of irregularities in a tyre. You must know that creating a perfectly round tyre or any tyre devoid of any abnormalities. The stripes and dots come to the role here.

Moreover, different roles are played by these lines and dots. For knowing how to correctly install the tyre, the dots help the tyre installers. Correct manufacturing of the tyres is enabled by the stripes. The users must not be concerned about these colourful stripes. Rather the installers and production plant are concerned about this. Therefore, this must be left to them. Nevertheless, you must know that people stay quite curious today.

You need not get worried regarding these stripes on your tyres. This is as simple as that. In reality, you won’t have to check ever these tyre parts. The short answer is that you don’t have to worry about the colourful stripes on your tyres.

Basically, indicating the given tyre model’s various characteristics such as tyre type, size and other parameters, coloured stripes precisely are the alphanumeric codes.

The information offered by these stripes

When it is a matter of production plant, the stripes are crucial. The work of factory employees and tyre professionals are facilitated by this. The drivers of average cars need not worry about this.

A particular tyre factory where the tyre was manufactured has links with the lines, stripes or symbols. It may happen that differently arranged colour stripes may be used to mark the same model of the same size.

Significance of dot markings on the tyres

Only for manufacturers, the Colorful dots on the tread side are crucial just like the stripes. they may inform about based on the particular manufacturer:

  • Valve position – coming in the form of an agreement between the car manufacturers who buy a huge product batch for their car model and tyre manufacturer
  • Variable radial force’s maximum deflection (Bridgestone tyres have red dot)
  • You must know that complete different meanings may be indicated for different suppliers by the dots of the same colour. Based on the manufacturer of BKT Tyres Cirencester, the meaning of these dots is variable even for different models and within the same brand.
  • Successfully passing quality tests often, this is the mounting information