Get a Crystal Pipe, Lift Your Spirits

Crystal pipes are all the rage right now, with manufacturers far and wide selling beautiful, geometrically faceted, and pleasingly polished smoking pipes which smokers are greedily buying up in droves. Maybe you, yourself, have heard some of the buzz about crystal smoking pipes and decided to check them out yourself.

It won’t take you long to come across smoking pipes carved from natural gemstones like clear quartz (and even rose quartz pipes, which have a warm pink color) obsidian with its rich, natural black color, Aventurine, Amethyst, and even Lapis Lazuli. As a unique alternative to glass smoking pipes, these interesting crystal and natural stone pipes are beautiful, one of a kind, and represent an interesting addition to nearly any collection.

Some even believe that some natural stones and crystals can align your natural energies, radiate soothing energy that can calm an overactive mind, or even possess natural, mystical healing properties. Some have said that natural gemstones like Amethyst and Fluorite, for example, may have users with natural stressors and emotional issues.

There’s also the idea of a cooler smoke. Crystal smoking pipes are often carved from a single piece of stone or crystal, which can be very dense. It’s well known that the larger a bowl is, the better it serves as a heat sink for absorbing and dissipating energy. You might want to investigate the experience for yourself, but in general, the larger the bowl, the cooler the smoke. A crystal pipe may simply provide a more enjoyable smoking experience, notwithstanding the fact that they are also downright cool.

Whether your interest in crystal pipes is purely about the aesthetics alone or you’d like to experiment with the soothing energies or even the smoking experience provided by the pipe itself, visit

Funkypiece may be a favorite among its fans primarily for its heady glass and unique spoon pipes and cool glass bowls for water pipes, but they also have a collection of unique stone and crystal pipes as well. On their website, visitors can help themselves to amethyst pipes, green aventurine pipes, lapis lazuli pipes, opal, and quartz pipes and more. Their online collection even features a crystal pipe made almost entirely of titanium.

Due to the natural variation in these materials, each and every pipe is entirely unique, but they all vary in length from 5 to 6 inches and contain a carb hole as well as a replaceable metal screen to help catch ash and provide a more enjoyable smoking experience.

One thing you might also be attracted to on their site is the variety – some of their crystal goods are actually water pipes styled in the likeness of crystal balls – and known as Crystal Ball Rigs.

They may not be crystal in the same sense of the word, but they do provide an uncommon smoking experience. For instance, their Hemper Crystal Ball Rig has a showerhead percolator with a series of holes that effectively filters and cools down the smoke, serving up smooth, cool hits each and every time. If the pursuit of a cool smoke has led you down the path toward crystal pipes, check out a Crystal Ball Rig before you make a decision.

Looking to learn more about these unique crystal pipes and the benefits they may offer to the smoking experience? Visit to check them out, or get in touch with their team at 202-503-7715 or by email at [email protected]

You can also visit them in-store at one of their shops. You can visit them in Washington, D.C., at 2116 18th St NW, or in Bethesda, Maryland at 7814 Old Georgetown Road.

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