Ease of Township Living During the Pandemic

The concept of the township is not new, as it existed in different forms in the past like a FORT can be termed as an ancient version of a township. In addition, various PSU or private sector companies and some institutional campuses give a feel of similar infrastructure developed to accommodate residential and work activities within a defined boundary.

The COVID-19 disruption has highlighted the importance of integrated township living which creates a self-sustainable ecosystem. The COVID crisis has disrupted the way of life of people. What was once considered a normal routine now draws attempts at reassessment? In the wake of health hazards that one is exposed to due to the pandemic, people are motivated to re-evaluate their needs and alter their lifestyles accordingly. 

Living and planning

Integrated townships reflect a mini replica of the main city away from the main city with medical, educational, commercial hubs existing either inside or nearby the township project. 

For work-life balance, such a township also houses plenty of open space covering landscaped gardens, jogging tracks, playgrounds for all age groups, parks, and open spaces for an enhanced living experience. Fully developed townships offer all the amenities of city life within the periphery of the project with larger areas to eat, play, study, work and live.

Easy life transmissions

Not everyone would agree that bigger is better. But if you’re foreseeing yourself starting or expanding a family soon, choosing a spacious home in a suburban township is a wise move. Expecting a new kid? The township already has a school for your educational needs. Are your parents moving in with you? You can easily set up a room for them if you have a bigger home.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a key aspect behind a township living project. Most of these projects are developed strategically in the vicinity of major employment hubs in turn reducing the travel time and stress levels for working professionals.

Better lifestyle

Townships offer a broad range of amenities such as a gymnasium, park, swimming pool, yoga training facility, supermarket, etc. some of them even have dedicated play areas and cafes. 

If you also like to be physically active, this township lifestyle is perfect for you. They also often have jogging tracks and tennis courts. In fact, from schools to hospitals; everything is usually available in proximity itself.

Living in a township greatly enhances your lifestyle as everything is available at your doorstep. 24 hours water and power facility, as well as a chance to avoid urban chaos like conveyance and traffic problems, have made living in an integrated society a different experience altogether. Residing in a township with a world of convenience just minutes away creates a higher standard of living.

Key takeaway

During the recent pandemic year, working professionals have realized the value of better-ventilated houses and societies which could also prove to be a sustainable accommodation for all including children, housewives, old age people, and work from home individuals. 

Even, Covid-19 has made people think about balanced life, and if you can get it near your home with a secure gated community that is good for all. So the concept of owning a dream house is not just limited to a standalone building at a prime location, but the idea has emerged to get access to larger open spaces, proper green area, exercise, and sports activity play areas along with other urban amenities at walking distance, even a workplace or office.