Decorating Your Nursery With Davinci Baby Furniture

You’ve always wanted that Davinci baby furniture every time you look for quality baby furniture online for your baby’s room. You picture yourself nursing your little one on that olive swivel chair but have no idea where and how to start planning for your baby’s room decor and theme.

Designing a baby nursery room demands a ton of style ideas and a pint of fun. Nursery walls have come a long way since the days of pink-for-girls and blu-for-boys color palettes. Neutrals and barely-there color schemes have been the trending choice for most moms nowadays because of their calming effect and the need for little-to-no effort redecoration as the babies grow up.

The same goes with the choice of furniture pieces. It’s highly recommended that you choose the ones that you can invest in once and that would last a lifetime regardless of the trend.

These seven baby nursery ideas are great for when you decide to wing it and decorate your baby’s nursery room yourself.

Pick A Theme
This is the step most moms are stuck in for the longest time when designing the baby’s room. So many options to choose from that it makes your mind boggle! So how do you pick the perfect theme for the nursery when everything is just so fun and pretty?

Well, you should probably start on the color palette. This defines the mood and the ambiance of the space. Choose one that will keep your sleeping baby calm and happy. Go with neutrals! Too many loud colors will only keep your baby awake and in turn, keep you awake too.

Another design mistake moms tend to make when decorating their baby’s room is packing the room with so many farmyard animals, unicorns, or even almost turning the entire room into a safari. While this is a way to entertain and enhance your baby’s imagination, this could turn into a colossal disaster when left uncontrolled. The baby’s eyes will start following bright colors by the time they reach three months. And if you fill the room with lots of it, there’ll be less nap time for you and your baby.

Take it down a few levels, this way, the room will feel more balanced and a lot more stylish.

Invest in Comfortable Nursery Glider
This is a fundamental piece of furniture for the baby’s room. Yes, the baby’s crib is the centerpiece and the most essential piece of furniture in the entire room and it is called a baby’s room for a reason. The reason being is that the baby will use this room. However, your baby isn’t the only person who will be using this room.

It’s yours too.

And your comfort is paramount as well as that of the baby’s. So don’t hold back on getting that piece of Davinci baby furniture, you need a comfortable gliding chair to provide you with softness and support for late-night feeds.

Add Useful Storage To Avoid Clutter
Storage is ultimately essential when decorating the baby’s room. Though without a system, it still won’t make sense even when you put a lot of storage spaces in the room.

It is recommended that you choose pieces of furniture that are sustainable and have a lot of storage spaces to use as well such as the versatile Davinci Piedmont 4-in-1 crib and changer combo that features a large drawer underneath the crib for extra storage and changing table with one compact drawer for storing diaper change essentials and two spacious shelves for extra sheets and beddings, this crib offers an abundance of storage space for all of the baby’s belongings and diaper change essentials.

For other baby items such as bath essentials, clothes like onesies, burping cloth, swaddle blankets, sheets, and pillows, a classic decent-sized Davinci dresser will definitely change your life storage-wise. Choose the one with at least six spacious drawers and if you’re going for the one with detailed molding and vintage-inspired drawer pulls, you’re golden.

A lot can go into planning the design of your precious baby’s room. Visit Kids ‘N Cribs to find more Davinci baby furniture ideas that meet your style and needs.

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