Components Of A Tyre

One cannot determine just how long their product will continue to deliver the performance that it is manufactured to deliver. What one can do is ensure that the lifespan of their products does not deteriorate due to uneven care and careless handling. A few habits can make or break the life expectancy of your product, the best thing one can do is understand the product they are using and use it in a sense that does not reduce its life or deteriorate its qualities. The numerous components of a car require an equal amount of care and maintenance as all your other products.

What are the main components that come to mind when you picture a car? A bonnet, tyres, engines, battery, seats amongst other things. Tyres especially require adequate care and upkeep so that they can continue delivering performance as well as keep your vehicle safe. The composition of a tyre is complex, with almost two hundred intricate pieces, Car Tyres Manchester are about just as complicated as the entire mechanism of a car. So, what are the most important parts of tyres that help mobilize your vehicle and keep it safe at the same time?

A few of the hundred-plus parts of a tyre are:


The beads are manufactured to ensure that no air can escape from the space between your tyres. The bead is constructed out of high strength steel and is further covered in rubber to construe an airtight seal and prevent any leakage between the tyre and the rim of the wheel.


Next comes the belt of the tyre, it is strategically placed around the tyre to ensure that the strength and rigidity of the tyres do not weaken and remain enforced. The belt is manufactured out of steel wires and is constructed out of woven sheets. This product is further coated in rubber to ensure extra strength, durability and protect the tyres from getting a puncture at unfortunate times.


The plies are essential for the structure of the tyre’s skeleton. Plies are the layers of fabric that are tied and woven together and are generally made out of a fibre cord. Moreover, these plies are coated with rubber to provide flexibility to your tyres. One of the main reasons why the tyre has strength is because of the ply that lies at top of the inner line of the tyre.


This is the area that is visible to the naked eye and is constructed out of special thick rubber. The sidewall runs from bead to the tread, the sidewall is constructed to provide lateral stability to your tyres. An additional feature of the sidewall is that one can easily find all the information about their tyres on this, this includes the size of the tyre, the manufacturing date and even the maximum load your tyres can carry when they are inflated properly.

Whenever your tyres come in the impact of something, damages such as bulges can happen to the sidewall and should not be ignored.

Sipe and Groove:

The tread of your tyres has got to be one of the most important components of the car itself as it is the rubber that comes in contact with the road. Within the tread, the tread blocks are enhanced by the deep grooves that help dissipate water and prevent your car from hydroplaning. Additionally, these grooves and sipes also play a big role in driving through snow and mud without losing traction and grip. Sipes, especially, play a crucial role in ensuring that enough grip is provided on snowy icy roads.

Overall, the tread must be watched out for as it wears out over time. A tread depth below 2mm means that your tyres need to be replaced.


Ever wonder how tyres help in cutting and turning corners? It is because of a small bevelled edge, whereupon the tread of the tyre meets the sidewall of the tyre. This feature of the tyre plays an important role in the same.


Apart from knowing the parts of your tyres, one must wonder how their product is manufactured.

  1. The first process is blending where at least 30 ingredients are used to blend and the proportions vary upon the performance that they want to provide.
  2. The next process is the cutting of the rubber into small strips and assembling the structure of the tyre, they are further coated in another type of rubber.
  3. Lastly, the procedure of building entails construction from inside and out. All the elements listed above are placed in a machine that delivers the final product.

These are the different procedures associated with Goodyear tyres manchester manufacturing. If you want to know more about the same, subscribe to our blog and click on the redirection link.