Common Survey Questions To Ask Your Customers for Feedback Online

As a business owner, you want to know what your customers think about your services. One of the most effective ways to know this is through customer feedback surveys. Gathering customer feedback is an essential way to discover if your customers are satisfied or not with your products and services. This will help you make improvements, developments, and make the overall experience better for them. Because a better product and service means customers will go back for repeat business.

By customer feedback surveys, you are also giving your customers an opportunity to share their insights on things they think is working and not working with their overall experience. You will find out what the positive things your business possesses are and what things you could improve on more. This will help you come up with strategies and ideas for your business.

The questions you will ask your customers would definitely depend on how you would like to assess them, or on what angle you would like to focus on your business developments with. You must know exactly what information you want to collect so you will only generate the relevant questions. Though it is your choice on what you would be including on your survey, still remember that it must not just be suitable for your target audience, but for you as a business owner as well.

The first few questions you should ask your customers would be, of course, their demographics. With this, you will know the market you are currently attracting to, then develop a strategy that would increase their overall satisfaction. Happy customers mean high chances of recommendations, leading to new conversions.

The next ones must be questions you think would be beneficial for your business — knowing where they discovered your business, their overall experience, if their expectations were met, unmet, or exceeded, what they think is needed to improve for a more satisfied experience, and if they will recommend your business to their friends, colleagues, acquaintances. These are some of the essentials that are usually asked to know what your current customers think about your business. In this article, you will gain insights as to how these customer feedback questions will provide you helpful information. Read on to learn more.

Know Where They Discovered Your Business

“Where did you first hear about us?” This is one of the most common questions found on customer feedback surveys, and perhaps, one of the most useful too. Asking this will give you an insight on how and where the customers heard about your business, and which channels give you the most traffic — may be from google, certain social media sites, or just from referrals or word of mouth.

This is a smart and successful marketing strategy, especially for customer acquisition improvements, since you will know where and what channels your customers usually learn about your business. And by identifying which effective channels are bringing in customers, you can strengthen your advertising effort and help you engage more potential customers.

In addition, you will also know what strategies and tactics really work for your business and what does not. Though you can get information about this on certain web analytic tools, they still cannot provide you with deeper insights unless you ask your customers directly.

Letting Them Describe Their Experience

A great customer experience is one of the success indicators of your business. Therefore, having your customers tell you about their own experiences, from the business website visit, to navigating around, down to the purchase, you will be able to assess the entirety and identify areas for improvement. If your customers are not satisfied with their experience, the likelihood of repeat customers would be low.

Asking your existing customers how their navigating and purchasing experiences are, especially for the negative ones, can help identify areas that drive other potential customers away. In this way, you will know what really needs to be refined.

It is very important that your business delivers a great experience to your customers. Not only will it increase their overall satisfaction, but their loyalty as well.

Were Their Expectations Met, Unmet, or Exceeded?

Each customer has their own expectations. May it be for customer service, the product itself, or for the entire customer experience. And knowing the reason why your services did not meet the expectations of your customers can help you identify what is lacking. Their expectations will let you know what aspect to focus on strengthening. You must maintain the balance, because what the customer wants varies differently with each other. Moreover, adding this question gives you a chance to uncover the issues your customers experience, and fix them before you lose them.

This will also let you know if your current strategies match with what the customers expect of your business. You may think that they satisfy your customers, but they actually do not. So asking them about their own expectations will let you tweak what your current tactics are and modify them to the customers’ likings. It is important to reconsider the aspects that your customers had difficulties with. You can make them simpler, adjusting them accordingly make conversions easier.

If your efforts were greater than what they have expected, it is good for your business. You just need to keep them that way and continue carrying the strategies out as is. Keep going, and keep moving forward.

Ways to Make Their Experiences Better

Every business owner wants the best for their customers to provide them a satisfying experience. Each customer sees your business differently from the way you do, and can notice the issues and the shortcomings your business possesses that you cannot see from your perspective as an owner. Thus, asking the customers their own opinions about your business can serve as your basis in developing an effective strategy for improvements.

Even satisfied customers still have their recommendations. Their feedback is very helpful because they will surely give you unique insights on how to better improve your business. Since they have already been satisfied with your current service, you will know what can make them stay longer with you.

Asking this specific question allows you to work on the quality of service your business provides.

How They Most Likely Recommend Your Business to Others

The best way for people to discover your business is through word-of-mouth. Having your loyal customers talk about your business and the quality of service you provide can make others be aware of what you offer. With this, customer recommendation is, perhaps, the most effective way to drive in more potential customers. And we cannot deny the fact that the majority of successful conversions are influenced by how the products and services were recommended to them.

This question is vital, because if customers answered that they do not want to recommend your services to others, it means your business has something that is worth recommending to them. Meaning to say, there is something that your business is lacking, or an issue that is needed to be resolved and improved. Asking a follow-up question of why they do or do not recommend your business to others will let you know what aspect to focus on developing.

Key Takeaway

Asking for customer feedback will let your customers feel that their opinion matters to you. It means that you are counting them in with how you develop and shape your business, thus will make them feel that you care about your customers a lot, showing them that you are willing to connect with them. The crucial part will only be about the specific and right questions you will ask, so you must choose them well. This will either make or break the strategies you are about to develop.

It is also important to keep your survey short. There would be fewer possibilities of customers completing the surveys if it would take much of their time. You would not be able to ask a lot of questions so it is important to prioritize what you think is needed and is most useful for you.

The information you are about to collect from this can help shape parts of your business — from upgrading the entire service, enhancing the products, or providing customer service improvements.