Best Ways to Adorn Your French Style Coffee Table

When you are looking for the perfect coffee table to place in your living room or sitting room, you want something that successfully meets all of your requirements. You need a coffee table that is elegant, that matches all of your furniture, your style, your personality, and is exceptionally practical.

It can be no small feat to check all of those boxes, of course. There are countless coffee tables out there that simply will not cater to your needs based on their brand, colors, features, styles, and many other factors.

However, one company that does not disappoint in terms of coffee tables and other pristine furniture pieces is Eloquence. This company is unparalleled in furniture, as they offer all of their customers exceptional antique, vintage, and other stunning styles of home decor. Every piece is unique and made with remarkable craftsmanship.

When searching through their vast catalog, you should seriously consider their french style coffee table options if you are looking for a coffee table to “wow” your guests and properly complement your home. Once you have selected the perfect piece for you, you will undoubtedly need to ornament it. What would best decorate your newly purchased french style coffee table without distracting from its own beauty?

1. Real or Fake Flowers
This option is obvious, of course, but still deserves a spot on this list. However, you should be selective on the types of flowers (fake or real) and the vase you choose to place on your coffee table because of the specific color of your coffee table.

French-style coffee tables typically have white finishes or other lighter hues. Therefore, providing a clear glass vase that holds color-popping flowers, like tulips, roses, or daisies, will sublimely illuminate the stunning features of your coffee table and room.

2. Perfume Candles
Adding a premium candle is always a great idea for a coffee table, no matter the color or even type it may be. It not only perfectly complements it when it is of elegant style, but it also can have practical use. Your living room will both look and smell great, furthering its style and welcoming atmosphere.

3. Books
When you place the right books on your coffee table, you can add a specific aesthetic to it that is unparalleled by other items. These books can add a splash of color while also adding clean lines. Plus, the white pages match the french style coffee table perfectly, which furthers its beauty and style.

4. Tray Table
Another great option for a decorative piece for your coffee table is a tray table. This tray table can hold the above items in a neat and orderly manner atop the table. It can then further the tidiness of your table, room, and even your home. It can also hold decorative and practical coasters!

When looking for the best french style coffee table for your home, be sure to browse through the stunning options at Eloquence. If you have any questions on these items or any of their other luxurious items, be sure to call them at (310) 876-0661 so they can happily and swiftly assist you.