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Tips on Making The Best Custom Knives

There are several aspects to keep in mind whether purchasing a custom-made knife or making one yourself. In addition to the purpose of the knife, the materials utilized for the blade and handle are critical. It’s obvious that hunting and culinary knives aren’t going to be designed alike because of …

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Which Knife Handle Works Best For My Grip?

The part of a knife which is often overlooked than not, the handle—ultimately matters than what you actually thought it should be. Most people who are shopping for a good quality knife don’t really take into consideration its handle. They are more invested in the design of the blade, the …

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Things To Consider When You Buy A Camping Knife

Going camping in the fall is a popular activity most outdoor enthusiasts love. The stunning fall foliage just takes your breath away. Fall weather is typically cold but this shouldn’t be an issue at all as warm weather can quickly turn whenever. And before you step out the door, be …

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Why Are EDC Knives So Beneficial For Me?

First things first, EDC knives are not survival knives of any kind. It’s with you for a reason, and that is to help you carry out simple, everyday tasks conveniently. They are very convenient if they come in folding and are not fixed. A folding EDC pocket knife is easier …

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5 Proper Care Tips for Custom-Made Camp Knives

Is there really anything better than spending time in the great outdoors? Surrounding yourself with towering mountains dotted with trees and pristine shrubbery is one of the most therapeutic and revitalizing acts one can do for themself. However, as peaceful as it is to go camping, it is not without …

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Three Main Factors To Look For in an EDC Knife

For first-time knife buyers, you may have come across the term EDC when talking about knives and tools at some point. And you might be wondering what it really is and why there are states that legally allow carrying an EDC pocket knife. Well, for one thing, an EDC knife …

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