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Be Prepared with These M1A1 Parts

The M1 Carbine was designed as a lighter alternative to the more infamous M1 Garand. Chambered in the much lighter .30 carbine, smaller and more portable, the M1 Carbine was developed into a number of variants that were carried with distinction by American forces around the world. Among the many …

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Failure Prone Gun Parts: Be Ready with Replacements

Firearms of all sorts have one thing in common. They all have moving gun parts. With respect to action and operation, though, that’s about where the similarities end. Falling block, lever, slide, and semi-automatic actions are all extraordinarily different. Gas recoil systems are very different from recoil-operated actions. That doesn’t …

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7 Surplus Firearms You Need to Look Out for

Hunting for surplus firearms, in general, can be very rewarding. Military Surplus, or Milsurp, as it is sometimes known, can get you into hard-to-find, exclusive firearms platforms at unbelievably low prices. You may even find a gun or two that’s been very well kept throughout the years. While some aging …

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Do I Need to Buy a Pistol Frame Through an FFL?

There are plenty of reasons shooters are looking for pistol frames. Thinking about making your own pistol from scratch with a jig and a build kit? Going to buy the frame finished and assemble it with a parts kit? Thinking about swapping out a heavier steel frame with a compatible …

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Bayonets for Sale: Practicality and Collectibility

For some inane reason, various legislation in the United States (locally and federally) has circumscribed bayonets in some way or other. For example, the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 made it illegal for new firearms to be manufactured with bayonet lugs. Similar legislation still stands in a variety of jurisdictions …

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Top 5 Rock Island Pistols to Add to Your Safe

The Colt 1911 pistol – the original Colt M1911 – is a pistol that will go down in infamy. Designed to replace the woefully inadequate service revolvers that were in widespread use during the late 1800s and early 1900s, the 1911’s reliable gas-operated action and superior firepower (.45 Automatic Colt …

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