An Action That Expresses Your Love And Care

Whether every time words speak that is not needed, sometimes your action or emotion can do that thing as well. Whether every time you express your love or care by telling that person with the help of words. Then tell me, what is the difference between you and others?. Whether the way of doing love and care and expressing it to someone, then they both things are the same for all the person. Whether you can choose a different way of expressing your love and care to your life. Whether you can do this work, whether only by action and work you do. Whether not that work, which you do for yourself or whether that you do in the office. Whether by that work it is an action which you do for your life. If you ask me, how can you express your love and care by action? Then I can give you an example as well, whether you see a person who doesn’t talk. Now you tell me how that person expresses his or her love and care in his or her life. Whether by action or work now, because that person has that medium only. But you have other mediums as well. But try this medium as well, whether you want to try it then. 

Don’t scroll and talk 

Whether people nowadays have a very bad habit,  which the people of the past year or a few years back doesn’t have. Whether scrolling the phone and talking as well. Whether this is not only a habit of one person but almost of all the person. Whether this expresses a very bad thing in front of that person, who is talking to you. Whether you are looking at rakhi online on social media. Whether that person feels like you are ignoring him or her. Whether no matter, whether he or it is your life or whether someone other. Whether this thing comes because of social media, people are busy scrolling the thing on social media. That they do not have the time to talk with another person probably. Whether that happens with you, or whether you do that thing. Then stop it as much as you can, and then talk about your life while keeping the phone beside you. Whether not scrolling social media or phone. Whether this action or work of yours also expresses your love and care as well to your life. 

An active listener 

Whether talking is a problem, then listening too. Whether someone says something, then another person just tries to showcase that he or she is hearing but that is not true. Whether the other person is involved in another thing, or whether doing an argument with that person as well. So what you can do is that you can become an active listener for your life. Whether you can hear all the things which your life says, whether you need them then you can talk with your life as well. Whether by interrupting your life, whether after he or she finished his or her speaking. This action of yours can also show your love and care to your life as well. 

Random cute gift 

Whether a gift is a thing, which everybody gives to their life. Whether a friend can give another friend. Whether giving a gift to your life by you, or a friend giving a gift to another friend must have some difference. Whether you can have the home delivery of the random cute gift to your life house as well, whether you have online gift delivery.  Whether a friend can give a gift to their friend, whether on their birthday or another day. But what you can do is that you can give a cute gift to your life. Not only on any special occasion, but you can give a gift to your life randomly as well. So this simple act of yours can make your life very happy, so this thing you can do as well. So that it can express your love and care to your life. 

Showing affection in public 

Whether most of the loved ones don’t showcase their love and care in the public. Whether if some showcase, then you want them to do. They just kiss each other in public, but that is not a good thing to do. Then what you can do to showcase your love in public, whether by just holding the hand of your life. By just looking at this, your life doesn’t have to face any type of problem whether he or she is in public. 

So the way of showing love and care is not only to kiss or whether or not to take the help of words. Whether by action you can do this thing as well. Whether by doing that thing which your life needs at that time.