Airsoft Scopes: Not Just for Shrinking Groups

Some airsoft players probably drop scopes on their airsoft rifles just because they look cool, but let’s shoot straight for the facts: airsoft scopes are not just cool toys. You can use them in a match and they can be very valuable airsoft attachments. Best of all, they’re not just ideal for airsoft sniper rifles, either.

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So, how can an airsoft scope be useful, and when and where should you use one?

When Should You Choose an Airsoft Scope for a Match?

To be clear, airsoft scopes are not ideal in all competitive situations. In fact, scopes can actually slow down target acquisition and hinder your rate of fire, especially at close ranges. For all of the benefits they offer, they do restrict the sight picture.

Because of this, scopes are most suitable for pairing with airsoft guns like spring-action airsoft guns like airsoft sniper rifles. However, a rifle scope can also be a suitable attachment for an AEG, provided you expect to do most of your shooting from afar. They are not ideal for CQB. Red and green dot sights, or laser sights, are better in these situations.

However, sighting in at the range with a scope will help you shrink your groups impressively, which can be really important at ranges. It’s difficult to connect with a target at advanced ranges, but if you’re using a scope, you can improve your chances of reaching your target.

A scope for your airsoft rifle can help you shrink your groups significantly, but it’s important to remember that you need to be afforded the advantage and the luxury of time and distance. If you have those two things, a scope has almost every advantage of other sights and optics.

How Else Can an Airsoft Scope Help?

Airsoft scopes are not simply useful tools for shrinking your groups at the range and thereby in matches. They can also be highly useful tools simply for relaying information.

If you have a magnifier scope, and to be fair, most scopes have some sort of magnification function (many even feature variable magnification) then you can use your scope as an optic to observe and report on enemy dispositions and movements. As a sniper, your role is as much to control and restrict enemy movement as it is to fire upon them. Without even cocking your airsoft rifle, you can serve up match-winning reconnaissance to your team.

From a concealed position, you can observe and relay information back to your team that will give them the ability to move into and hold an advantageous position. Plus, if you forgot your binoculars, your scope will work in a pinch as well.

Traits to Look for in an Airsoft Scope

If you’re looking for a rifle scope, here are some traits you should look for that will make it more valuable.

– Easy-adjust knobs for windage and elevation

– A rubberized coating that will make the scope more shockproof

– Waterproof, fog proof, dustproof, or shockproof ratings

– Variable magnification

– Multiple reticle settings, or even illuminated reticles that can make it easier to acquire your target in low light conditions

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