Adopting the Modern Kitchen Interior Design – Parallel Kitchen

When it comes to selecting your dream modular kitchen design, space and productivity are some of the top priority lists that you might want to consider. And for space-saving and efficient layout design, you might want to consider a parallel kitchen interior design. Parallel kitchen interior design is one of the oldest and most popular modular kitchen designs among cooking professionals or simple homemakers who are all looking for functionality and convenience. In other words, this layout design is only created for a professional chef that takes the business of cooking seriously.

What Parallel Kitchen Design Layout Actually Is?

A parallel modular kitchen is nothing but simply a design in which the cupboards and countertops operate in two perpendicular parallel lines, ordinarily on opposite walls. The modular kitchen performance triangle is accordingly spaced out between the two opposite walls, with the ‘corridor’ space (passage) in between allowing ease of action in between. The opposite parallel countertops offer plenty of storage and space.

When to Consider This Layout?

This modular kitchen design layout is an excellent option for those professionals who are working with restricted space. Exceptionally if only one person is cooking in the modular kitchen frequently, parallel modular kitchens designs are an excellent option. The galley kitchen is likely to be your ideal choice if you have a window or a mirror in your space that won’t support you to set up your modular kitchen along one wall. Moreover, no confusion misused space of corners.

When to consider this modular kitchen layout?

  • Maintain a minimum distance of approximately 3 to 4 feet separating the two opposite sides of your parallel kitchen layout to present yourself with a satisfactory space to walk.
  • Try to install the stove, chimney, and sink on the identical side for convenience.
  • Maximize cupboard space but guarantee that you have enough opportunity to unlock the doors without any interference.

Adding a kitchen island in this layout is a plus

Most maximum layouts don’t provide enough space for a kitchen island, but when it comes to parallel galley kitchens, it’s quite important to have sufficient space for a functioning kitchen island. If you have more storage or space between two opposite sides of the kitchen, you could reconsider accepting a conventional table on wheels. Doing so can accommodate additional shelf space and can be removed out of the way if there are more extra people in the galley.

The Latest Parallel Kitchen Designs

The trending galley kitchen is susceptible to a variety of methods, styles, and finishes. Don’t worry if you’re dealing with a more diminutive space, you can discover that light colors are easier on the eye. It can make the space look bigger with light shades. Make sure to go dor darker shade if you have plenty of natural light in the space. Using darker shades will present your kitchen look fresh, stylish, and fashionable.

Pastel Shades for Galley Kitchen Design

If you are seeking a serene and trendy look in your kitchen, make sure to go for pastel shades. Analysis with sequences of pastel shades and prints for cupboards, countertops, and backsplash. You don’t have to worry about the shades, prints, and design if you are getting your design done by the best modular kitchen designers in India. They will help you design all the interiors, give your overview, and show the final look of the interior that will be like after the whole installation with their 2D and 3D software so that you don’t have to worry about your so-called imagination.

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