6 Tips and Tricks for Cake Decorating !

It’s a lot of fun to plan a children’s birthday party, but it also requires a lot of work. There are numerous considerations to be made, ranging from décor to online birthday cake or cake online and designing it while keeping timing and budget in mind. But there’s one thing about which you’re sure: cake! You’ve decided to make your children’s birthday cake from scratch for the first time this year because you want something special and distinctive. With the correct skills and tools, homemade cakes may be both beautiful and delicious. Here are some simple cake decorating techniques:

Start Right

One of the most typical mistakes made by inexperienced bakers is decorating the cake while it is still warm from the oven. This will cause the frosting to melt and spill, resulting in a sticky, runny mess. To avoid this mistake, try chilling the cake! Once the cake has cooled, store it in the freezer until you are ready to decorate it. This method not only keeps the frosting in place but can also save time. You might have some additional time during the week to prepare the cake, but you’re scared it won’t taste as good on the big day…don’t be! Cakes can be frozen for up to a week without losing their flavor.

This way, you can make good use of your extra time while still having a delicious cake to decorate the day of or before the party.

Decorating Instruments

Because a baker is only as good as their tools, let’s take a look at some of the most important cake decorating tools. A turntable, for starters, makes icing your cake a lot easier and cleaner. Place the cake on top and turn the table slowly to evenly distribute the icing around the crust. Frosting bags are recommended for frosting. These can be created at home for a fraction of the cost of store-bought counterparts. Depending on how much frosting you’re using, you’ll only need a scissor and quarter or gallon-sized storage bags.

Finally, piping tools are handy baking tools that may be used to ice your cake in a variety of styles and approaches. Piping tips come in a variety of patterns that you may use in your frosting bag. You can get a variety of them at your local food shop, or you can typically find them in cake decorating kits at craft stores.

Crumble and Level

The most difficult component of making your birthday cake is getting the fondant or icing to look as flawless as it does in professional bakeries. Try the level and crumble coat method to assist you to achieve this. The crumble coat functions as a “glue” to keep moisture in and create an equal surface. To begin, spread a thin layer of frosting over the cake, thin enough to see through, and smooth it out as best you can. Allow that thin layer to dry. After it has dried, continue frosting the cake as usual. The crumble layer keeps crumbs out of the final icing and decorations while allowing you to glide the frosting across the surface. This approach is particularly useful for individuals who want to freeze their cake before decorating it.


It may appear tough to make your frosting, but it is rather simple! Look through your cookbooks or Google different recipes to see which one you think would look and taste the best. Buttercream frosting is the simplest option; it’s simple to create and a crowd favourite. Starting at the top and working your way down the borders is another frosting technique, as is smoothing the final layer using a palette knife. You can also take a look at an online birthday cake delivery portal for cake frosting ideas.

Techniques for Piping

When it comes to cake piping methods, practice makes perfect. If you’re a beginner, practise on a sheet of wax paper before applying it to your pastry. This way, you’ll be able to gauge how much and how quickly the icing comes out of the bag before spilling half of it all over your cake! This tip will also assist you in determining which designs you prefer.

As stated previously, there are a plethora of instructional cake decorating videos available online that will demonstrate a variety of piping techniques and much more.

Decorations that are simple to make

Because the icing is the star of your birthday cake, it’s best to keep cake toppers and other decorations simple. Piping tips will assist you in creating lovely edges or patterns on the cake. Sprinkles, kids’ birthday cake toppers, a huge number of candles, party candles, and other items can be used to enhance your cake with no effort.

When preparing your cake, there are many different birthday cake decorating ideas to pick from; just follow the recipe properly and utilise these suggestions to make it fun and successful.