5 reasons You should consult Web API Penetration Services


APIs is a set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating application software and has rapidly led to digital transformation within mobile, cloud , IoT and web applications. Web APIs is an application programming interface for the Web and can be accessed over the web using the HTTP protocol.

 It is a framework that helps you create and develop HTTP based RESTFUL services. The web API can be developed by using different technologies such as java, ASP.NET etc. Web APIs normally include instructions for sending data to, or retrieving information from a website or web application.


According to research and studies conducted by a cybersecurity firms called Gartner, API is predicted to be one of the most common attack vectors for data breaches within enterprise web applications by 2022. 

Web API penetration testing aims to identify vulnerabilities and risks in the system which may impact the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data by emulating a real-world attack.

 Traditional anti-viruses and firewalls do protect the web application to some extent, however, various types of complex attacks can evade such protection.

During Web API penetration testing, the tester are testing the APIs functions or methods, how it can be abused and how authorization and authentication can be compromised. The test is also performed against known attacks such as Cross Site Scripting, SQL injection, Command injection etc. 

The key objective of Web API penetration testing is to validate that the APIs that are exposed are properly secured before malicious users can exploit them. It also helps ensure the business is up and running all the time.



A risk assessment is a process to identify potential hazards in a system and analyze what could happen if an attack occurs. 

To analyze and understand what is the cost if a web application is disrupted by any cyber attack for an hour or even a day. How much lost will it incur to the business’s clients and consumers. 

These are some basic assessments to any business while at the same time discovering the potential risk the organization is exposed to via web APIs and the impact it can incur. Consulting web API penetration services will assist any organization to prioritized objectives to secure an organization’s web assets.


Different industries have different regulatory standards. There has been a mandatory standard to be followed by any organization based on their business such as PCI-DSS, GDPR , HIPAA etc. A Web API penetration testing not only looks for vulnerabilities but will also help to assist an organization to align with such standards. 

Maintaining compliance means an organization can observe a smooth business flow and develop new partnerships to expand the business while following all the laws and standards.


Web API penetration testing explores existing weaknesses and identifies issues that are not known to exist before in a web application or web application configurations. If the testing reveals any potential vulnerabilities, these are analyzed in order to enumerate what impact it can sustain to the business. 

There are different methods of finding such vulnerabilities and the amount of such potential vulnerabilities being able to be discovered solely lies on the quality and experience of the tester. Vulnerabilities including zero day vulnerabilities are discovered with such techniques.


The key point in any business is about maintaining trust between clients and also with consumers. Data breaches and insecure business assets are the key factors that degrades such business relationships. 

Any form of data breach incurred a huge loss in revenue and is almost impossible for any business to recover from even with existing clients and consumers.

 Imagine recovering from such chaos while simultaneously losing clients or consumers on the side. The advantages of web API penetration services is that an organization will be able to identify such attack vectors beforehand and patch them up before any attackers would ever discover them.


A cyber attack or data breaches negatively affects the confidence of the clients and consumers, partners and suppliers. The stakeholders will be reassured if an organization is known for its firm and systematic implementation of security and consulting web API penetration services.

 An experienced tester will provide a list of recommendations to the organization wherein the severity of the vulnerabilities found are prioritized and also help to develop a reliable information security system for future cybersecurity investments.


As organizations digitize their business strategy and processes, they tend to underestimate the new technology risks they are exposed to. 

One of the major risks is attackers exploiting API vulnerabilities that exists within IT infrastructure. Security professionals at Walnut Security Service ensure they are always up-to-date in detecting real-world attacks and have years of experience in conducting API penetration testing services, so our penetration testers tailored their methods and attack vectors for each engagement. 

Consulting web API penetration testing services can help to mitigate the threats of the above risks and vulnerabilities mentioned that your business may face.