3 Stunning Furs for Women’s Winter Coats

Winter is drawing nearer and nearer, which means that soon enough, we’ll all need to be bundled up in our warm coats once more. If you are looking for a new coat that is the optimal combination of fashionable, warm, and practical, then you should consider women’s winter coats with fur.

Investing in a winter fur coat for your wardrobe will be one of the best descisions you’ve ever made. These types of coats are stunning and attention-grabbing, cease to go out of style, and are the warmest you could ask for. For those women looking for that trifecta of qualities in a winter coat, look no further than those made of fur.

But where exactly can you purchase the most desirable, authentic, and stunning winter coats with fur? One word: Maximilian. This company specializes in providing all of their customers with real fur garments, including winter coats, that are the ideal combination of practical and fashionable.

Women’s winter coats with fur can come in a wide range of fur options. Which would be the best for you? Let’s look at the top three most commonly used animal furs in coats so you can be one step closer to finding the perfect fur winter coat for you.

1. Sable Fur
One of the most commonly used furs in the fashion industry is sable. This is a particularly ideal fur to have in a warm coat or other garment for several reasons. For one, it has a unique and captivating look. It is usually a caramel to coffee color, but also has a silver coloring in it. When lit just right, it exudes a beautiful bluish hue.

Not only is its color desirable, but so is its practicality. Sable is one of the warmest furs, but it is also extremely light. When wearing it, you will feel comfortable by being warm and not feeling like you’re wearing a heavy parka. Plus, sable is extremely smooth and is highly regarded for this particular feature. It is so smooth and, when you rub it in any direction, it retains that smoothness. It’s truly a remarkable fur that is also far less costly than other options!

2. Mink Fur
Mink is yet another excellent fur choice to have as the basis of your winter coat. Minks provide an ideal material for any winter garment because it is economically friendly, but also stylish and warm. Much like sable, it is light yet extremely warm and soft. It’s also impressively durable!

Another added advantage to mink is that it can be successfully worn on any occasion, from casual gatherings with friends to formal occasions. Mink is always in style.

3. Fox Fur
If you are looking for a more color-popping, puffy, and luxurious option in your winter coat, then fox fur is the fur for you. Fox fur makes an outstanding option as both the only fur in a coat or just as a trim. It is glamorous no matter how or where it is displayed.

Not only is it fashionable and suitable for nearly any style and personality, but it is extremely warm, much like most real furs are. Plus, whether it is natural or dyed, it is a stunning fashion experience for the wearer and observer.

These are just the top three most popular options that make stunning women’s winter coats with fur. However, there are other notable real fur for your winter garments, such as rabbit, coyote, and chinchilla, among many more. You can find these and many others available on Maximilian. Feel free to call them at 800-TLC-FURS so they can best assist you find your perfect winter fur coat.

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