3 Reasons to Have a Generator Set at Home

You are probably here because you are already interested in getting a generator set. Or maybe you have already saved up or one and are just  looking for a little more encouragement to hit that check-out button. Perhaps you just happened to stumble upon this article. Well, whatever your reasons are, this article hopes it can convince you of finally getting a generator set! 

What is a generator? 

is essentially an engine based machine that runs on varying sources of fuel (depending on generator type and specifications), and ultimately serves as an external mount for electrical power. 

 There are different types of generator sets here, with a wide range of usage all relating to usage and purpose setting.

Electro Motive Diesel Generator – operates on a low rate of revolutions per minute and is generally not a high maintenance generator.

Diesel Generator – is essentially a diesel engine that is combined with an electric generator (usually an alternator) that supplies emergency power, and is also used as an energy source for power grids.

Portable Generators – typically run on gasoline as fuel and are commonly utilized for smaller scale practical purposes, but in many cases can fit the needs of industrial jobs.There are three types of portable generator:

Portable Recreational Generator 

Portable Residential Generator 

Portable Industrial/Construction Generator

Mobile Tower Generator – usually single voltage models that run on diesel, these have numerous voltage applications, and offer transferable sources of power for both construction and industrial settings.

Standby Generator – there are 2 types of standby generator: Alternating Current (AC), Direct Current (DC), usually used as an emergency power source for business operations and schools. They also function with an automatic transfer switch, when the main power source fails.

A generator sounds like a big investment.

It is! Its market price ranges anywhere from 20,000 PHP to 500,000 PHP. Now, before your eyes ogle and you click the exit of this article, hear me out. A generator sounds like a huge investment, because, well, it should be. This is for your home, and it doesn’t matter what your position is in the family tree – if you’re a student currently under the online class system, if you’re a parent who worries about sudden power interruptions – a backup for our electricity should be an investment that we should look into. 

I don’t think we need it – we can hold out.

Are you sure? If you’re a student – what if you’re attending an online class and the power suddenly goes out – worse is, what if you were giving a presentation/report? Or maybe, if you’re a mother, what if there’s a sudden outage at night? Wouldn’t you worry about the safety of your kids? These scenarios illustrate two reasons – for safety purposes and backup power. One can never be too careful when it comes to our family’s sake. As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”

What about more specific scenarios?

Of course, During a power outage, there are one too many unforeseeable circumstances one could have prevented with a backup generator at home. The primary one would be for food – once the electricity goes down, that means the refrigerator only has a few hours before the food you stored in there goes rotten. What if you had a power interruption in the middle of a typhoon, and can’t necessarily go out to buy more food? Your family members will have one less thing to worry about if you have a generator set.


There is no denying that the need for a backup generator, especially at home, is at its most prominent these days. It provides us not just with the actual examples we can use it for, but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have done all that you can in preventing accidents or bad things from happening.