10 Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Dates (Khajoor)

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High in Fibers & Proteins

These dark fruits are really high in providing fibers and proteins to your body. Just make sure that you are having 2-3 dates a day and within months you’ll feel the difference.

Highly Nutritious

Dates specially Ajwa Dates or Ajwa Khajor are rich in nutrients, fibres, and antioxidants which are very necessary for a healthy body. Fresh dates contain anthocyanidins and carotenoids. So if you wanted to enjoy a fresh and active life, then you must have to consume 2-3 dates per day.

Lower Cholesterol

Being super healthy, Dates also help in controlling the cholesterol in our body. High Blood Cholesterol can prove to be dangerous for our health. Dates not only maintain our blood pressure but also help in reducing heart attacks. 

Control Sugar Level

Dates can be very effective in controlling the sugar level. A proper amount of sugar is very essential for our body. It should neither exceed the desired limit nor decrease. Making dates as part of your regular diet will be useful in balancing sugar levels in the body.

Strengthen Bones

A regular intake of dates will boost your energy level. Hence, making you a strong person with strong bones. Calcium and phosphate present in dates make our bones strong. It also helps our body in fighting against many bone diseases.  

Give a Healthy Skin

Want glowing and healthy skin? Then make just make sure to grab few dates in a day. You can also use date water in order to fight aging and other skin issues including wrinkles, roughness, and irritation. Dates are widely used in curing skin diseases.

Prevent Hair Loss

Now a days, every girl’s problem is hair loss. To prevent hair loss we try different shampoos and oils and yet come up with zero results.

Just stop wasting money on expensive shampoos and oils and start eating dates.

Help in gaining weight

This is indeed going to be the biggest advantage of eating dates for skinny people.

If you want to gain weight then dates can possibly help you more than anything else can. Being rich in natural sugar and proteins, dates can very quickly help in gaining weight. 

Rich Source of Vitamins

Dates are a rich source of vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin K. Instead of taking vitamin supplements, just have dates in your regular diet and you’ll feel the difference within few days.

Effective for Digestive System

Having a rich source of a lot of amino acids, insoluble and soluble fibers, Dates can be very useful in enjoying a healthy and effective digestive system. According to the recent research, dates can help is fighting against gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), Diverticulitis and Hemorrhoids