Is Kansas City a Lucrative Market for Industrial Real Estate Investment?

The pace of industrial investment flowing into Kansas City has significantly accelerated since 2019, and experts anticipate massive growth in the coming years. Here are some quick facts if you are considering Kansas City as an option for industrial real estate investment:

  • Kansas City is equipped with excellent transportation connectivity, modern infrastructure, and an optimum supply of industrial spaces – catering to various asset classes.

  • Led by growth and demand, Kansas City is thriving with rejuvenation in the city’s downtown area and inner suburbs. This growing city brings a pool of talented labor and a relatively low cost of living, both key indicators of a prosperous economy.

  • The ongoing industrial construction activity has picked up, creating an unprecedented amount of new supply. Further making people optimistic about investing in Kansas City is the fact that absorption rates and demand are keeping up with the industrial supply.

  • With eCommerce booming, the need for industrial properties is rapidly rising as companies try to ensure faster time to market, prompt order fulfillment, and a seamless third-party supply chain.

In Kansas City, the industrial transaction volumes are high, instilling confidence for property investments in the future. If you are trying to leverage the abundant market opportunities Kansas City provides, it is crucial to seek consultation from an industry expert. The TAG Industrial team has the experience and market data to craft innovative advisory solutions for your investment goal. Their team specializes in industrial property brokerage, and they have an extensive track record with industrial services in the Kansas City area.

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