What is a rat cage and what is it for?

A rat cage is a cage specially designed to keep rats indoors in spacious and comfortable spaces. Unlike the mouse cage, the rat cage is much larger.

Uses for rat cages

There are two main uses for rodent cages. The first is to use it as a cage for pets , that is, to keep your rodents inside and take care of them. These cages are spacious, since here you can put toys, feeders and much more.
On the other hand, we also have cages to catch rats, which are used as traps to control pests. These cages allow rodents to be trapped and then released, thus reducing the use of poison and pesticides. This thanks to the mechanism of the cage to hunt rats which is responsible for closing the door and leaving the rat trapped.

Characteristics of a cage for rats

These are the main characteristics of the rodent cage.

  • They are metallic: The first thing you should know is that the mouse cage is made of metal, since rats tend to break other materials easily. To prevent gnawing, these cages are made of sturdy steel.
  • Multipurpose: Another of the most outstanding characteristics is that the rat cages are multipurpose. You can find both the rat trap cage that is used for pest control and the cage that is designed for pets.
  • Lightweight and durable: The cages, despite being made of solid steel to support different kinds of domestic rats, are also very light. This helps to be able to take them everywhere without problem. Despite being lightweight, they are also resistant to rodents, blows, bad weather, etc.
  • Escape-proof: This is one of the main characteristics of trap cages, since they have specially designed mechanisms to prevent rats from breaking free. Its reinforced design will guarantee that, because more than they fight or more than they bite, they do not manage to circumvent the trap.
  • Accessories: Finally, you should know that the cages have the ability to place accessories for rat cages. A perfect example are toys like wheels, tunnels, and more, as well as drinkers and feeders. Thus, the cages become complete houses with everything your rodents need to be able to live.

Types of rat cages

Next, we will explain what are the main types of cages for rats.

  • First floor: The most basic type of rat cages are the first floor ones, these are usually very compact and also easy to transport. Also, these cheap house rat cages are very affordable.
  • Two-story: Designed for pets, the two-story rat cages are designed to keep everything in there. On the first floor we can find the feeder, drinker and the burrow while on the second floor the rat toys are usually placed. Both floors are joined by tunnels, stairs or paths.
  • Trap: These cages are designed for pest control by capturing rodents without the need to eliminate them or use poisons and chemicals. There are different sizes of traps such as the large rodent cage and also the small mouse cages.
  • Metabolic Rat Cages: Metabolic Rat Cages are designed for laboratory use to help capture rodent feces and urine. The main objective of the metabolic cage for rats is to help experts to carry out different studies and experiments. These are typically made of acrylic, stainless steel, or glass.

How to choose a good cage for rats?

To choose the best cages for rats, we recommend taking these points into account:

  1. The number of rats: The size of the cage should be proportional to the number of rats, since having 1 is not the same as having 10. So start by taking into account the number of rats to choose a cage that covers the capacity.
  2. Use: Another point to take into account is the use that you will give to the cage. As we already told you, there are cages to catch rats, for laboratory experiments, transport and also for pets.
  3. Materials: Although all the cages are made of steel, the gauge of the same, as well as the lining can vary. Take into account the quality of the materials, as well as the thickness, as this will influence the durability and resistance of it.
  4. Can you add accessories ?: Finally, take into account if you can add accessories such as rat toys to your cage. Most domestic rat cage models allow it, as well as some laboratory ones, although it is always important to verify it before buying.

Where to buy a cage for rats?

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