Creation of e-commerce site: what budget to plan?

For the promotion of a business, the creation of an e-commerce site is an important lever to take into account. More and more democratized and with many advantages, online sales are more up-to-date than ever. If creating an e-commerce site can prove to be a successful economic initiative, you still have to plan your budget …

What is the budget for the creation and maintenance of an e-commerce site? Answer in this article.

The characteristics of an e-commerce site 

There are two types of sites: showcase sites and e-commerce sites. 

The sole purpose of a showcase site is to present products or services to attract the attention of the target. The Internet user is then often invited to contact the organization behind the showcase site for a sale, collaboration, or other.

On an e-commerce site, the Internet user can directly purchase products or services. Facilitating the purchasing process, the e-commerce site is a proven communication and sales lever.  

E-commerce sites bring together many advantages for customers: they are open 24 hours a day, from anywhere, whether on a computer or smartphone. In addition, major brand e-commerce sites have seen their turnover explode in recent decades. The example of Amazon is the perfect illustration of this. To significantly boost your business, create your e-commerce site! 

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What solutions for the creation of an e-commerce site?

For your e-commerce site, you can choose to create it yourself or pay to have it created for you. Whatever decision you make, you need to take into account that it will cost you time and/or money.

For the creation of your e-commerce site, several solutions exist: use CMS specialized in e-commerce, make a website with an open-source CMS, or create a completely tailor-made site.

Use a specialized CMS

Making your e-commerce site without knowing about web development is now possible thanks to CMS.

CMS or Content Management System in English group a category of software to help you design, manage and update websites or mobile applications dynamically. The most famous CMS are Wix and WordPress, but there are many different CMS each with its specificities.

Among the CMS specialized in e-commerce, we find among others: Wix, Shopify, Jimdo, or Prestashop.

These CMS are perfect for small e-commerce sites that only offer a few products. But if you sell thousands of products, we advise you to turn to personalized e-commerce solutions.

Create a personalized e-commerce site

To create a personalized website, two solutions are available to you:

  • opt for an open source CMS like Magento or Drupal,
  • or create your tailor-made e-commerce site.

CMS like Drupal and Magento has the advantage of being more economical. They save time, for better productivity. To use these CMS, you need to have a minimum of web development knowledge. 

While a good knowledge of HTML / CSS and JavaScript may be sufficient to use Drupal or Magento, if you want a more complex website, the site developer should know several web languages: PHP, MySQL, JQuery, etc.

For an e-commerce site that is unlike any other, with many features, you will need a tailor-made website.

How much does an e-commerce site cost?

Now that the basics are in place, let’s get to the heart of the matter: the budget. For the creation of a website, you must take into account among others: the design, the host, the maintenance, the update, and the optimization of the site. And other fees are added to that as well.

Design and development 

Depending on the content of your website, the budget to plan can go from simple to double. For a classic e-commerce site, count 3,0000 to 5,0000 rs. For a more complex website, it will then be necessary to provide 70,000, 150,000 rs, or even 400,000 rs.


Depending on the services offered by your host, the price of an e-commerce site hosting can vary between 1 and 200 $ per month, depending on the site traffic, the number of pages and products, but also the quality of the host. However, rest assured: you will easily find quality hosts at 5 $ or 10 $ per month.

Choosing a good web host is important for the good visibility of your website. For an e-commerce site, we do not recommend free hosts who can alter your SEO.

The domain name 

Remember to include the cost of purchasing a domain name in your budget. If you want to have a quality domain name to bring credibility to your business, know that its price can go up very high. 

Depending on the search volume of your keywords, the price of your domain name can easily be multiplied by 10. So take your time to think about it: a quality domain name inspires customer confidence and improves your brand image. The famous .com is ideal, but if it is not in your budget, a .pk or .net can also do the trick! 

The additional costs 

When creating a website, you should also take into account the cost of SSL. Depending on the number of pages, the price can vary between 1500 to 5000 rs. 

Finally, for the maintenance of your website, the overall cost must represent around 3% to 10% of the site’s annual income, to guarantee a profitable e-commerce site. The price of maintaining your site will depend on the agency you are working with and the solutions you are going to choose. Note that depending on the site project, the cost of maintenance will not be the same.

Performance monitoring and content optimization

Once your website is created, it is important to update it and optimize its content to be in the first Google results. Indeed, what good is a site if it has no traffic?

This monitoring can be carried out by a specialized agency. In digital marketing agencies, you can be followed by SEO and SEA experts for optimal optimization of your website.

It is recommended to be followed by an agency from the design of the site. Thus, you will be able to benefit from the advice of its experts and earn by creating a site directly optimized for SEO. 

Indeed, many companies create their site beforehand before requesting performance monitoring, noting a lack of visibility of their site. Sometimes the site correction requires little modification, but sometimes the errors in the design of the site are such that a redesign of the website is necessary, which is reflected in the price. To avoid this disappointment, go from the design of the website to a specialized agency that will adapt your e-commerce site project to your needs.