Create an Online Store with 10 Effective Tips

01. Be clear about your goal

The goal of every website is different. The purpose of every online store is different. Some websites sell services, some sell products. If you’re planning to build your first e-commerce website, be clear with your goal.

However, if you are selling services, make sure your website is providing every granular detail about them. And if your website serves products, build your website around this goal that it should display it’s an online store. Thus, a customer wouldn’t stay on a website for more than 10 seconds if it’s unclear and insufficient regarding information.

02. Organize page hierarchy

Undeniably, every website has multiple pages. The most common pages among all of the websites are:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Contact Page

Similarly, there are many other pages depending upon the website type. However, each webpage has its own purpose and information. If you’re selling services, your website should include a separate services page and nested pages for each service. Similarly, if you’re selling products, your website might have this hierarchy: Product Type > Product Items


Let’s consider the following example of a clothing brand to understand the hierarchy better.

  • Clothes > Women Clothes > Kids Clothes > Clothes Categories > Clothe Items

Clothes > Women Clothes > Adults Clothes > Clothes Categories > Clothe Items

  • Clothes > Men Clothes > Kids Clothes > Clothes Categories > Clothe Items

Clothes > Men Clothes > Adult Clothes > Clothes Categories > Clothe Items

Thus, you can design a hierarchy like Product > Gender > Age group > Product Categories > Product Items.

The aforementioned is not a hard and fast rule regarding hierarchies. Just make sure, whatever you design, it should be in a logical order to help the visitors navigate easily.

03.  Do not miss CTAs (Call-To-Action)

Imagine a visitor is happily exploring your products or services on your website. But in the end, he doesn’t find any option to make a purchase or contact the seller. Conversely, you would lose the potential customer; and hence a sale. This is why the call-to-action buttons are very important.

Similarly, it’s a good practice to ask a visitor to sign up for your newsletter. Therefore, don’t forget to add a form through which he can send a subscription request.

You can also use CTAs to help visitors navigate in a single click from one page to another. For example, create a separate section on the home page regarding new products. So, associate this section with a button that helps the visitors quickly redirect to the new-products page/section. 

04. Carefully choose the platform

Always look beyond the present and forecast the future. So, broaden your vision before jumping head-first to building an online store. Never choose a platform that is not flexible enough to cater for your future requirements and necessities. 

If you’re a new non-tech entrepreneur, website builders like 3S Cart is a good option to begin. You can grow your online store as much as you can with this software. But if you’re a bit familiar with installing plugins, add-ons, etc.; choose a content management system. There are many popular CMS software like WordPress and Magento etc.

05. Be creative while designing

Design your website in a creative way according to your business type. Do not make it look odd with a lot of colors everywhere. The color and design theme primarily depends upon what you are selling and who is your targeted audience

Moreover, follow the structural theme and make it look decent yet elegant. However, create your online store attractive enough to catch the visitors’ attention. As there’s no use of a properly functional website if its interface is not worthy enough to catch the eyes.

06. Analyze the examples in the e-commerce industry

It is always a good practice to consider your competitors to check how they are generating leads. You can adapt their patterns and customize them to give them uniqueness. Hence, there is no harm in checking competitors for references. 

07.  Utilize e-commerce templates and save time

It’s not necessary that every seller would like to design hise-shopby himself. Similarly, many fresh entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry don’t want to hire professional designers to do the job.

This is when the ready-made e-commerce templates work the best. Many website builders and CMS software provide pre-designed templates for e-commerce stores. As suggested above, 3S Cart offers many pre-defined templates as well for different e-commerce categories. You can check this software with its free trial.

08.  Set Up Easy Contact

The ‘Contact Page’ is not limited to wide enterprises. No matter what the size of your business is, always include a contact page. This page not only allows the customers to reach out to you. But it also builds a sense of confidence and trust for your customers towards your website.

Besides that, you can include links to all of your social media presence on this page. This inclusion will help the visitors to check your customer base and online presence on other platforms as well.

09.  Create your e-commerce store mobile-friendly

Today’s era is all about e-shopping via mobile phones. Everyone in this fast-paced world spends most of their time on their mobile phones. This fact has increased the rate of online shopping over the past few years. 

This is why it is necessary that your website should be mobile-friendly, allowing the customers to shop your products easily.  Thus, an e-commerce website should always be responsive. Contrary to this, your customers will drive away if they face any bad user experience.

10. Never forget SEO

Imagine your website is well-designed, well-developed, and selling quality products. But what is the use of all these qualities if it’s not reaching the right customers? What if its rank on the search engine is not high enough to catch the visitors’ eyes? For all the above reasons, always make optimize your website in terms of Search Engine Optimization.  However, a well SEO-optimized website gives you more opportunities to convert the right visitors into potential customers. Hence, follow this tip to start a successful online store and generate greater revenue ultimately.